10 Cool FireFox Add-ons For Entertainment

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In case you are performing various tasks and you have some free time between them, then you must utilize this free time in doing something entertaining. You do not need to depend only on music and some information sites. There are certain amazing Firefox Add-ons available.

10 Cool FireFox Add-ons For Entertainment


You can discover new music and artists with the help of this add-on for Firefox. It also enables Last.fm radio streaming directly. Radio streaming can be listened through the Firefox toolbar or add-on bar. Also, you can find out the Last.fm users that share a same taste in music. You can also tag tracks, artists and albums. Whenever FireFox is started, the station that was played lastly is played by the auto play. Many customization options for toolbar are also available.

fire fm addon


This add-on enhances the functionality of a media player that is used to search the music content over the internet through your browser. In case you are searching for artist bios, videos, covers, music lyrics, try out FoxyTunes. It supports various media players like WinAmp, iTunes, Pandora etc.

foxy tunesVideo DownloadHelper

You can download the videos from YouTube and other similar sites, audio and picture galleries and convert them into a preferred format by using this add-on. Whenever an audio or video content is detected by DownloadHelper, the icon of the tool displays animation. It is very easy to download the content. You can use this tool with many media content sites like DailyMotion, Google videos, MySpace, iFilm, DreamHost, Porkolt and many more.

Video DownloadHelper


TV programming can be watched from the Firefox browser directly by using TV-FOX. A database of 2780 Live TV channels is available based on category and country. You can also choose from the TV channels available for free on the web.

tv fox

Tilt 3D

You must try this add-on in case you want things in 3D. This add-on lets you make a 3D visualization of a webpage. A 3D imagery is drawn by this add-on by using WebGL. Every node indicates texture and depth. Technical information is obtained about every node structure like class, ID and other attributes. The HTML and CSS of each node can also be checked. The webpage can be exported as a 3D mesh or a screenshot.

tilt 3d

Play Your Piano

In case you like to play a piano, this add-on will let you play it as a pro. This add-on has to be added to Firefox. Once you do it, the keyboard’s number keys will get converted into numbered music keys.

play your piano


Are you fond of solving the puzzles? If yes, then you must try this add-on. When you add it to your browser, it adds a ‘Puzzle’ item to the main context menu. Select any image and it will be turned into puzzle pieces. You only need to join the pieces together in order to get a complete image.

Pickemfirst Fantasy Sports

This add-on is for sports fan. You can choose the best agents available in the sports leagues. This add-on gives you options to select your kind of sport like MLB, NFL, NBA and leagues like Yahoo, ESPN and CBS. It also offers game statistics, views of top sports bloggers on any sport event or player and live news.

Film Info And Reviews

If you are fond of movies, try this add-on. It offers movie reviews of a selected movie from a total of 10 review sites. Even if you choose Roger Ebert, Wikipedia, IMDB or RottenTomatoes, the review can be viewed in one single page. You can mark the sites you like and these can be watched with just a single click. This add-on saves a lot of time.

Test Your Memory

It is a memory game. It takes into account the text of a webpage that is currently opened in order to check your memory. You only need to choose some paragraphs of text and memorize them. Now select the words you have memorized and keep them away from shaded display. This app is quite informative and educational. It shows how an information is recorded by your mind.

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