10 Most Popular Funny Websites On The Web

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Internet has so many dimensions. In the initial stages it was envisaged, that Internet should only be used to share information by way of connecting numerous computer systems. But as the time passed by, its utility increased many fold. And now, as we are aware, it has become major part of our life and day-to-day activities, such as banking, travel reservation, information, socializing or for that matter humor. You will be amazed to know that apart from shopping and socializing, humor is accounted for one of the largest traffic drivers on the Internet.

There are thousands of websites dedicated to humor, but not all are that good. Let’s take a look at top 10 most popular funny websites over the net. For the sake of segregation, first Indian sites are mentioned and thereafter international sites, since somehow both seem to cater different set of audience.

Most Popular Funny Indian Websites


This site founded in June 2000, was initially planned to be only for fun and humor, but now they have increased their gamut, and serve wide variety of content such as Bollywood gossips, fun videos and of course large collection of hilarious jokes and images.


The also have one of the largest collection of e-cards and games for all age group. As per industry estimate, this site registers a whopping 140 million page views per month.


This is again quite famous site for fun searching netizens in India as well as abroad. The site has one of the largest collections of jokes, visuals, videos etc.


This site, around 10 years old has 13,000 plus Facebook likes and has features such as random joke display each time you visit the site.


This reasonably famous site is dedicated only to wide variety of rib tickling jokes and funny pictures. Contains good collection of sms too.



Jokesduniya is entirely dedicated to jokes and gags and is highly rated by industry standards.

jokes duniya

Most Popular Funny International Websites


Launched in year 1998, this is most popular site as per international audience. The site mainly consists of funny videos and pictures. Having an Alexa rank of 447, the estimated monthly visitors are gigantic 17 million!



Founded 12 years back by two high school mates, this site has 681,000 plus Facebook Likes to its credit. An estimated 7 million hits each month and an Alexa rank of 874, this site has really made big. Contains videos, pictures and funny articles.

college humour


The site has 5.6 million unique monthly visitors and has an Alexa rank of 1,233. As the name suggests, the site is mainly focused on funny and amusing videos.



The site with punch line of “All your fail in one place” is quite famed one with an estimated monthly traffic of 4.4 million and Alexa Rank of 1038.

fail blog


The site owned by company called Viumbe, LLC, consists of hilarious videos, pictures and jokes. The Alexa rank of site is 1,502.

ebaums world


The site has a massive 1.8 million plus Facebook Likes and Alexa rank of 1,146.


As you can see there are so many sites focused on humor on the Internet, which indicates that you have no reason to get bored. So in future, whenever you feel little depressed or out of sync, just tune to these sites and have fun!

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