10 Most Popular Games in the Mac App Store Right Now

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There is an increase in the number of Mac developers in the past few years with the updation of Mac OS to X Lion. The games market has also witnessed this change. The developers are considering the fact that Mac games are playing a very important role in various mobile platforms like iPad and iPhone. The games category in the Mac App Store are gaining more popularity these days. The developers are optimizing the top Mac hits along with past favorites and blockbuster releases. There is a wide range of collection of excellent games in the Mac App Store. In this article, we list 10 best games that are available in the Mac App Store.

10 Most Popular Games in the Mac App Store 

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a very popular game amongst the users. You must check out this game in case you have not bombed the birds and the pigs in a game. This game has introduced a new trend in fashion. Various by-products are available such as Angry Birds stuffed toys, Angry Birds T-shirts and many more. Bombing the pigs is fun.

angry birds

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This game focuses on surviving the birds. The eggs of the angry birds are stolen by the green pigs. Your main aim is to destroy them by using various destructive powers. The game tests your aim and strategy.

The Incident

It is an action game that is fast-paced and has a retro-style. You need to move towards safety by crossing various platforms that are built by an angry rain. It throws many objects in your way and you have to jump, run and dodge them.

the incident

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Though you can easily learn how to play the game but it is little difficult to master it. It is a new concept of game play and is certainly addictive. The game is equipped with collectables, power-ups and power-downs. After playing the game, the achievements need to be unlocked. It is not easy to get 500 points.

Plants vs. Zombies

This game is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the users. It is fun to play. Once you are into it, you would like to play it again and again. Initially, the game is easy to play. You need to plant the seeds and collect sunlight. The zombies will be attacking your garden. Therefore, you have to look after your garden as it acts like a defensive wall for yourself. You need to select the plants that will be used for fighting.

plants vs zombie

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The game gets crazy as you move further. You are surrounded by numerous zombies such as pole-vaulters, brain-eaters and lookalikes of Michael Jackson. Sunlight production can be accelerated by using sunflowers. Various plants can be used to shoot, freeze, block and chomp them. This tower-defense game is quite addictive.


The physical puzzles need to be solved in a basic game environment. The actual time-bending puzzles are combined with a visual style and thoughtful music. This visual style is very aesthetic and makes the game stand out amongst the others.

Braid puzzle game

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In every level, the enemies need to be defeated by jumping & stomping. You need to unlock the doors and operate the levers. For this, you collect the keys so that the doors can be unlocked and the platforms can be triggered. You can rewind the actions and reverse the time even if you die. There are 6 worlds in the game. These can be experienced in a sequence and visited from any room of the house. There is also an option to re-visit any world at any time for solving the puzzles.

Chopper 2

Another popular game in the app store is Chopper 2. The game has 36 action packed missions that can be played on 12 beautiful locations. There is an improved 3D game engine, new weapons, enemies, missions and graphics in the game. However, it retains the side scrolling game play.

chpper 2

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A train has to be defended from enemies that come from the underground mines. The enemies who appear from stairwells can be lined up by using the laser sight. You need to chase the enemy choppers & tanks and avoid the bird strike, gunfire and heat seeking missiles simultaneously. Rescue the civilians and help the allies to fight against the armies. While doing all this, the mission has to be quickly completed to get a high score.


Hedgewars is a very funny and interesting game that has to be played. This strategy game is turn based. There are certain pesky hedgehogs that cause devastation by using their weapons. This is a major part of the game that has to be played.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This war & shooting game is quite fascinating. The game has a tense storyline.

Your enemy belongs to Russia. He is planning a military coup in Middle East. You have to stop him from planning this international destructive plot. A unique feature of this game is that various roles can be tried by using different weapons. It is very interesting to fight in the battle. You feel as if you are fighting in a real battle.

call of duty

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Have you ever thought of becoming a racing car driver? Check out this game and experience the best speed. This car racing game offers a thrilling adventure. There are no traffic rules to be obeyed. You need to drive to the best possible speed. You can experience the driving experience on the tracks of Bahamas, Tokyo, LA etc.

Asphalt 6  Adrenaline

Photo Credit: Techulus.com/iblog/2010/12/21/asphalt-6-adrenaline-released-for-iphone-and-ipad-6-99

You have the option to choose from various gorgeous cars available such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi R8 and BMW M6. Collect the cars in the garage. You can modify their appearance as per your liking. There are 11 leagues in the game with 55 matches. This game can be played by six people to the maximum online and offline. If you have a passion for driving, check out this game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This game is fun to play and that is why, it has become quite popular amongst the users. The story background is quite fascinating. Many Jedi Knights are fighting with the Sith. You are a republic soldier. Your ship has been attacked by the Sith. You do not have any option and have to land on planet Taris.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

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The Sith can only be destroyed by Bastila, a Faithful Jedi. You have to search for him. In this process, you have to face some evils you need to decide if you want to become a noble Jedi or Dark Sith. It all depends on the decisions you make in the game.

 Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization

This game is an element of Civ4 strategy series. You are a European nation who is ready to colonize, explore & conquer the New World.

Sid Meiers Civilization IV

Photo Credit: Igromaster.com/games-civilization-history-civa4

There are warfare options and complex strategy offered by the civilization games with lot of entertainment. This game is worth playing.

Sum Up

The above mentioned games are the most popular Mac games. Mac developers can make most of the games to showcase their talents. With various improvements in HTML5, the Mac developers should use conversion tools such as SWF Decompiler. The conversion tools are helpful in converting flash to HTML5.

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