10 Tips And Tricks For New Users in Google +

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Are you using Google+? Do you think you are a newbie when you use Google+? If yes, read this article.
Here we list 10 tricks and tips for the new beginners on using Google+.

Add More Details to Your Profile Pop-Up Window

Many Google+ ‘strangers’ will look upon your profile as a thumbnail. In any case if they want to see you, your profile will appear as a thumbnail with some description such as your location, profession or company name.

You can make your Google+ display more informative and appealing like that of the Twitter.
Check out the ‘Edit your profile’ settings. Choose the employment category. Write details in the boxes namely ‘Employer name’ and ‘Current’. Whenever a person will hover over your thumbnail, these details will appear.

Content Organization With Circles

You can organize content with the Circles. You have an option to make empty circles. In fact, Google+ gives you many organizational options to use.

Google+ does not give any option to bookmark the content. This option can be worked around by the Plussers.
Make empty circles with specific headings. Make a notepad. Create ‘bookmarks’ for the links that you can view in free time. Create ‘read later’ to check out articles and longer posts.

After setting this up and sharing the content in the empty circles, you can view the stream of the circles which will give the Plus bits.

Click on Profile Pics to Scroll Through

Google has added a unique feature to Plus. You can scroll through the profile pics of the user directly from his profile.

Click on the image of the person at the left side of your screen. In case the person has added various pictures, Plus enables you to flip through the same right there.

Though this is an easy way to view the pictures, few Plussers have incorporated more creativity. You can view the pictures but the only difference is that the second one will wink.

Disable Sharing on Posts

Another unique feature of Google+ is that you can limit the sharing instead of making it public. You have the option to share your post with public or a single person. However, there is no guarantee that the other person will not share your post with the public.

Google+ gives you an option to disable sharing on the posts. In case you have published a post but you do not want anybody to share it, click ‘drop down menu’ arrow. Choose ‘disable reshare’. This will also disable the ‘+mentions’ in post’s comments section.

Though people can view your post but this will give them an idea that you want to keep it private.

How To look For Permalinks of a Post

It is very easy and simple to look for the permalink of a post. If a post has been shared publicly, click on ‘drop down menu’ arrow. Choose ‘link to this post’. The post will be opened separately in a tab and you can copy its URL.

This setting will not be shown in the menu if there are less sharing options for the post. If you click on the date or time stamp, the post will be opened in another window and display the URL.

Drag & Drop Content for Sharing

You have the option to drag the content such as photos, video, links and drop it in the ‘share’ box.

Change Visibility of the Circles

Your friends in your circles are displayed on your Google+ profile. But you have the option to show and hide these circles.

To do so, go to ‘edit profile’. Click on the circles at the left. Now you can select the circles and the people you want to display.

Send Notifications To People for Posts

You can send notifications to people when you post something very important. Hit the circle with whom you want to share the post. Click on ‘notify about this post’ box.

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Give Photo Effects in Google+

Google+ offers exclusive and unique photo effects. Click on your photo. Now click ‘Actions’ menu. Apart from options like ‘Auto Color’ and ‘Auto Contrast’, you can Orton-ize and Cross Process your image too.

All Google+ URLs

Look for Google+ at http://google.com/+, http://google.com/plus, http://plus.google.com. You can visit your profile directly on  http://plus.google.com/me.

The new users must take a note of these tips while using Google+. It makes the experience simpler.

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