10 Tips to Recover from Google Panda Update

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Many major and popular websites such as daniweb, hubpages, squidoo etc are affected from Google Panda Updates. The publishers who do not add quality content to their websites suffer from this algorithm. The main aim of this algorithm is to lower the ranking of these sites.

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However, you can tackle with the undesired results caused by it. Here, we discuss 10 tips to recover from Google Panda Update.  

Recovery from Google Panda Update

Know Every Aspect Of Your Site

You must know your site thoroughly. Check out each URL of your site and study the content put on each URL very carefully. Note down the changes in the excel sheet e.g the URLs where improvement is required in terms of less content, copied content and spelling mistakes.

Check Ranking of Your Page

Few posts/pages were placed at a higher rank in the search results. But after Panda update, these have got a lower rank. The content must be improved in terms of quality.

checking ranking of page

These pages can be shared with various social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. These pages can also be submitted to various social voting websites such as Mizz and Digg.

Clean Your Website

The pages/posts which hold no relevance to the website can be removed. Anything which is insignificant to the website should be removed.

Focus on Internal Linking of the Pages

 Google supports internal linking. You must remember that the new posts should be interlinked with the previous posts by using appropriate keywords.


Gain Credibility

In case your website has a lower page rank, you must submit posts on some excellent PR sites to get good backlinks.

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More Number of Ads

You must manage the count of ads as a large number of ads can make the viewers uncomfortable. These become a barrier while reading content on the website. You must select the relevant location for these ads.

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Make Use of the Google Services

You must use services of Google as Google gives priority to their own websites than others. Use Google plus, YouTube and Blogspot. Keep on checking the webmaster blog of Google to update yourself with the recent improvements and additions in the algorithm.

Listen to Google

Google tries its best to give good results to the websites. Whenever any website receives a lower rank, Google makes sure to rectify the same as soon as possible.

Listen to Google

We make another layer for the algorithm which makes it more accurate.

Lessons from Past

Daniweb.com suffered from the Google Panda Update twice but it recovered from the update each time. How did they recover? The URL structure of the website was changed. They changed the URL of each page. Check out the following video to see how they recovered from this algorithm:

Hubpages also recovered from it. Sub-domains were implemented throughout the website. The content which does not relate with the site is separated by the sub-domains. You must remember that a subdomain will not give your website a higher ranking.

Make your Blog Niche your Focus

Concentrate and focus on your blog niche and excel in the same. These are the tips of recovering from Google Panda Updates. Do you know any more? Share with us in comments.

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  1. javid says:

    i am Javid from Iran
    My site had 7k Google visitors but suddenly it reduced to at least 100 in
    two days.
    I want to ask you is it a help If ] making all of the tags No-index or not,
    because more than half of the visitors of my site includes google tags.

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