10 Top Websites For Online Chatting

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Whether you want to connect with your friends or find new friends through the web, online chatting has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Often it helps to while away the time by connecting with strangers from far flung places. Nowadays it is possible to not only text chat but also use audio and video chat on social sites.

Here Are The 10 Top Websites for Online Chatting To Connect and Be Part of An Ever Increasing Phenomenon


One of the best known online chatting sites today, chatroulette is a dual-window web cam site. It is a Russian based web site that lets you find and chat with strangers.

The people are all random strangers and there is no name or registration required. You can use either text or audio or video options to chat and can quit the chat site whenever you please. It is highly popular as it is easy to use and has a simple interface.

Tiny Chat

As a safer alternative to chatroulette, tiny chat has become one of the fastest growing online chatting sites. Here you can either have private chat sessions with your friends or make new friends in public chat rooms.

Tiny chat also has the added advantage of offering chat rooms which can support 10,000 connections at the same time. It also has a number of safety settings and a huge fan following. Tiny chat lets you sign in through facebook and twitter as well, and you can also share youtube videos.


This is one of the safest online chatting sites. This site allows facebook users to connect to friends on their facebook list as well as other anonymous facebook users. It also has security measures to protect users from x-rated material.

It is basically a facebook app that also has game mechanics, casual games like Farmville and also lets you earn badges for actions like getting your first screen shot. As a player’s interactions are connected to their facebook account hence any sort of objectionable action will result in their facebook accounts being put at risk; thus making it a safe site.


Omegle is an online chatting site that lets a user carry on normal text chat as well as video chat with strangers. Just pressing the “start a chat” button lets you chat with strangers. If you don’t like the person you are talking to you can disconnect yourself from the chat session and get connected with another random user.

It also offers dual paned anonymous chat. To reduce spam it has introduced captcha. All chat sessions are anonymous and you don’t need to register or pick a chat room making it one of the popular online chatting sites.


WooMe is one of the best places for singles to chat and meet online for casual or serious dating or for activities in a free and safe environment. The best part is that you don’t have to create long profiles and requires you to just give your basic information and a photo to join the online chat community.

To meet new people you just have to join the public chat sessions where you can meet up to 3 people in three minutes. You can also create your own sessions based on your interests. There is also the option of video chatting privately with your friends without downloading any external software. WooMe allows users to publish their video chats on WooMe TV which adds a viral element to it. A lot of celebrities find WooMe to be an effective platform to connect with fans


ShufflePeople is an online chatting site that uses random video chat and has a huge popularity with almost 6,000 people logging in everyday. It is pretty simple to use as well.

It uses the random video chat method to bring together complete strangers to chat online. The interface has the user webcam on the left, the chat box below and the partner webcam on the right. It distinguishes itself from other websites by being connected to facebook and by giving users the ability to record chats and posting them on facebook.


This is an online chatting site which offers much more than just chatting. It offers real time games, media sharing, listening to music, facebook and youtube experience as well. Users can meet their friends by inviting them on the site or can make new friends as the system matches users based on common interests.

You can also join a room based on activities or games (such as chess, truth or dare etc) or topics of your choice. The interface is straightforward and provides a lively environment. It is a free site and is a safe place to meet new people.


Meebo is a social platform that began as an integrated instant messaging program. It has now expanded to chat rooms known as meebo rooms and the meebo bar which allows users to connect with their friends and also share content on content sites like face book chat, google talk, yahoo messenger etc.

The chat room allows you to chat with a webcam once your request is approved by the other party. The chat rooms can also be embedded on your website.


Chatablanca is a fun online chatting site that is a mix of comic and video chat rooms. A maximum of six people can chat at a time consisting of three females and three males. It lets the user see the various web cams at the same time and chat with them by video and voice in a comic style.

It basically has the concept of a chat city with apartments and each building has rooms (the chat rooms). It adds a quirky fun mood to the whole chatting experience.


Userplane is a white label service that has one-to-one messenger service as well as group chat. It offers website owners the advantage to offer chat between their users.

It helps to provide text, voice as well as video chat to websites and companies as well as online communities. Website owners can add it to their websites and their readers can instantly chat online.

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