10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

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We would like to inform you that Facebook will soon be converting its pages into a Timeline view. Even if you want it or not, your Facebook layout will be changed to Timeline view after March 30th.

In any case, it has to be used for all kinds of activities. The Timeline layout is quite useful in marketing your brand. It gives better promotional platform than the original pages. Your page is made more interactive and it engages your fans in a better way.

10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

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However, this change puts more load on the administrators of a Facebook page as they have to work initially for preparing the pages. You can simplify the process of changing your pages to Facebook Timeline. In this article, we list down ten tips to master Facebook Timelines for pages.

10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

Know More About The Timeline Layout

Once your layout is changed to the Timeline format, you cannot bring it back to the original format. But there is no need to panic. It is important to mention that your Timeline page can be designed and edited in the Admin mode.

10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

Admin mode cannot be seen by the public. Once your design is ready, you can launch it. Otherwise, the deadline is March 30th. Before you launch the time, your fanpage will continue to remain active.

Simply activate the preview of your Timeline and start using the interface. Check out the Preview button and click on it. Search for ‘Start Tourtab’. Simply follow the steps to set up your Timeline.

Create Your Cover

The foremost step for setting up your Timeline is designing your cover. The most important element in the Timeline is the cover. So you should devote more time and effort in creating it. When the users open their brand page, it is their first point-of-focus.

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Therefore, it must contain the important features of your organization. The banner is positioned across your Facebook page and measures 851×315 pixels. The pictures that have a width of less than 399 pixels are not suitable for the cover.

You must note that the pictures must have a high resolution and should look stunning. In case you do not have an appropriate image, you can use the customizable and pre-made options for Facebook covers.

Add A Profile Picture

Your profile picture should measure 180×180 pixels. The news feeds will display it at 30×30 pixels. You should choose a picture that will suit the Timeline cover and the news feed thumbnail.

Follow The Guidelines For Cover

Facebook has laid down certain guidelines that should be considered when you start working on your cover. The covers should not be misleading, deceptive or false. They should not infringe on the intellectual property of the third party. Also, your cover photo should not be uploaded to the timeline of others. You should not encourage people to do so.

Therefore, calls to action should not be displayed. You should not list the price of the product or promote a percentage off. You cannot display your website address or contact info on the cover. The visitors should not be directed to the website for any kind of downloadable material.

Admin Panel

The new Timeline layout offers an Admin Panel. Messages can also be received. This feature is very useful for the businesses as they can build an effective communication with their customers. Customer service can also be improved. Instead of posting comments and complaints on your page, your customers can send you a message as they will be assisted the best through this service.

10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

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Admin Panel becomes the Timeline dashboard. It is similar to the dashboard of a blog. You can communicate with your customers or share something from one place. There is a ‘Messages’ section where you can check the messages of the visitors.

You can respond to these messages from the dashboard itself. There is an option to send a private response to these messages. In case you do not want the message option, you only need to uncheck the box that gives the message option in the Admin settings. The statistics of your website will be shown on the Admin Panel. This includes the number of likes of your page, demographics of the visitors etc.

Add Feature Posts and Images

Videos and images are used by many brands to advertise and promote your product. The Timeline will display them more prominently.

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Your posts will be highlighted and emphasized. There is a Star icon that can be used to make your post a feature post. Simply click on it. This will display the post more prominently in your Timeline.

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Pin A Feature Article

In case you would like to keep a feature article or an event at the top of the feed, simply Pin It on your Timeline at the top.

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Your post has a Pencil icon on its upper right corner. Open the drop down menu to choose ‘Pin To Top’.

Preview The Post Before Publishing It

Before publishing a post, you should preview it. After writing a post, choose ‘Hide From Page’ tab. The post can be edited in the preview mode in case you want to change something. You can also create posts to be promoted in future. Your Timeline will display the post but it can only be seen by you. Modifications can be made in the same whenever you want.

Page Popularity

There is a Like box under the Timeline cover. When you click on it, it will display the number of likes your page has along with a topics chart and demographic details of your visitors.

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However, there is a drawback. You can check out the page statistics of other competitors by visiting their page. You can hide these figures but you must remember that by doing so, your page popularity will also get hidden.

Creating a History-rich Timeline

You should add maximum information to your page and make a history-rich timeline. There is a Milestone feature using which you can display the founding date of your brand, your major achievements and reach a specific target of customers.

10 Useful Tips To Master Facebook Timelines For Pages

You will find Milestone tab in the Status box. Upload the photo of an event in the event information. Click on ‘Save’. The information will be saved in the history.

Sum Up

The above mentioned features are very helpful in mastering a timeline for pages. Follow the guidelines for cover and make use of the tips mentioned in the article to create an effective timeline.

What more tips you would like to know for creating a beautiful Timeline? Do you know of any other such useful ways? Share with us.

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