10 Useful Ways Business Owners Can Make Use Of Evernote

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Evernote is an app which is used for taking notes and is quite a rage. As there is no set way to use it, many people don’t get the hang of using it. In the article we provide the users with tips on how to use it.

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It is very convenient to keep the contact information of various vendors you are in touch with. This information can be accessed whenever you need it and virtually anywhere.

Outsourced Employees

If you are running a business and have number of employees and services which have been outsourced and you want to keep all the terms of agreement in a notebook for future reference Evernote is there to help you.

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Event Planning

You can create a list of various tasks which need to be performed and have it in a notebook along with the names of people which are part of that particular task. You can also assign tags to the tasks and this will help you in coming to know who is responsible for which role and what is his accountability.

Marketing Ideas

When you are traveling, you may come across an advertisement which would like to copy for you own product or the services you offer. You can take the help of a picture or a voice note and log in all the details of the marketing ideas.

use of evernote

Meeting Notes

An client is coming for a meeting which is important. To prepare for it you can review your last meeting with him to know what all transpired. You can even get personal details too about the person you are meeting up with.


You are into a profession which allows you the freedom to add the latest products to the range whenever you want. Evernote can help you have notes on the new products which can be included in the lineup. The other useful part is that you can have a glimpse of what the competitors are doing with similar products of their own. This will help you to chalk out a strategy about which products to keep and which to avoid.

Business Cards

Networking plays a very important part in a business. Networking allows you to meet new people and you need to keep their contact information close at hand. You can store business cards on Evernote. You can even take a picture of the person and store it along with the information about the event where you met him. When the need arises, the contact can be searched by text which has been stored on the card or by the tags which might have been added.

use of evernote

Travel Itinerary

There are businesses which require full time travel and what causes hassles is remembering all the essential information like confirmation and flight numbers. This can be solved by pasting all the information on Evernote or by saving the screenshot or a PDF.

Photos Of Receipts

Being in a business it is very essential to have an copy of receipts for practically anything. If you can take pictures of all receipts then it is as good as any proof that you have made the purchase.

use of evernote

Billable Hours

Evernote is also a great tool for freelancers as it can be used by them to keep a track of the time they spend on a project for their clients. As the app is for both the Android-capable phones and desktop computers you can use either device for keeping a track of your time spent on various projects.

use of evernote

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