14 Very Useful Free Music Players for Windows

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Most of us look for music on the internet. In this article, we list 14 music players that can be used on Windows. These music players are available for free. Some of them can be used on various operating systems such as Linux and Mac.

These music players offer various options for sound and music management. They have certain exclusive features that are rarely found on other music players.

14 Very Useful Free Music Players for Windows


Jaangle is formerly known as Teen Spirit. An open source organizer software and music player, it is available for free. It supports various file formats such as mp3, avi, wma, ogg etc.


The user interface is  easy to use and simple to browse. The audio-video player has a high quality. It also comprises of an integrated tag editor.


AIMP 2 pays special attention to the features of sound enhancement. It offers a decent library, history features and light design. Overall, AMIP 2 is known for its unique and advanced features.



It is a freeware audio player especially designed for Windows. This audio player is quite advanced. It offers unique features such as native support, ReplayGain support and full unicode support for various audio formats.



If you need an application that can handle extensive music collection, has a detailed feature set and is simple to use, you must check out MusicBee. The music files can be easily organized, searched and played on your system, web or devices by using MusicBee.


Winamp Lite

Winamp was launched in 1997 by Nullsoft. It was supporting the community and later became pioneer in digital media. It was a very revolutionary application. AOL acquired Nullsoft in 1999. It also created Gnutella, NSIS and SHOUTcast.

Winamp Lite

You can check out the website to know more about the team and alumni. Winamp is a very famous media player. The users have the option to play and manage the audio & video files. It comprises of more than 60 audio & video formats. There are two versions of Winamp: Winamp Pro and Winamp Standard. It is available for free. Winamp Standard offers plethora of features. These can be used to create playlists, manage podcasts, listen to radio stations on internet, sync portable devices, access remote media and customize the playback experience.

The Winamp Pro version has many additional features such as mp3 ripping, audio CD burning/ripping at a high speed, H.264 encoded video support and AACPlus encoding for extra-small size of a file. You should download the media player and visit winamp.com. Winamp will give you an exclusive user experience. It offers a wide variety in features which are easy to use.


MediaMonkey is a music and movie organizer. A music/movie library can be managed from a collection of 100 to 1,00,000 playlists and audio/video files. This includes audiobooks, classical, rock, podcasts, TV shows, home videos and movies.

media monkey

You can access these from a network, CDs or a hard drive. Music can be searched, browsed and organized by genre, year, rating, artist etc.

Spider Player

Spider Player is available for free. It includes unique features such as last.fm scrobbling, internet radio recording, CD ripping, audio files conversion and automatic lyrics download.

spider player


If you are using XMPlay, you must visit XMPlay Support site. The website was introduced in 2004 by Nathan “Keltic Danor” Hindley. The project was later taken care of by Thomas Radeke. He was taking care of XMPlay archive. This site offers all released XMPlay versions.


This site is a combination of support site and the archive. Reprogramming of the entire site has been done from the scratch. This offers a more comfortable experience to the users of XMPlay.


It is a freeware audio player that can be used in Windows. This multi-format player supports various documents such as MOD, MultiTrackerS3M, FastTrackerIT, Sound/Noise/ProTrackerMTM,  ScreamTrackerXM, ImpulseTrackerMO3, MPEG AudioMP4 , MO3 PackerMP3, QuickTime MPEG-4, Ogg VorbisFLAC, MusepackOGG, Free Lossless Audio CodecAPE, Windows Media AudioWAV, WavPackAIFF, Monkey’s AudioWV, Audio CD, Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceCD, Windows PCM/ACMMIDI.

vu player

Quintessential Media Player

This media player is designed especially for Windows. Various audio formats are supported by it such as mp3, ogg vorbis, wma and CDs. The plug-in architecture of the media player is quite robust. It is very skinnable.

Quintessential Media Player


It is a digital audio player that is available for free. It is an audio library app that plays and organizes audio on Windows. Many unique ways are offered by Winyl to organize your music.

You can listen to your favorite music, create playlists and rate the favorite tracks. Winyl is simple to use. The media content is organized into the library categories automatically. Therefore, it is easy to search and play the music. The player gives a very fast performance. It is very suitable for netbooks.


You can use songbird for mac and pc. The playlist and music can be managed and synced to your device.



Around 57 file formats are supported by JetAudio. Various tools are included for ripping, external recording, burning, broadcasting and file conversion.

jet audio

It offers highly customizable features. The performance is superb. It has an alarm and timer utility using which the other functions of the computer can be controlled.

Winamp Full

The Winamp media player is fully customizable.

winamp full version

You can download it for free. The media player can play mp3 files, various audio and video files and mp4 files.

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