2 Extensions That Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs [Chrome]

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Google Docs is the most popular and easy method to work with many people on one document. You do not have to use iCloud to share files or send mails separately with changes. Do your work on a single document which will be saved automatically. You can also become visible to people who are using the same document. Various features are offered by Google Docs which make the collaboration an easy process.

Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs

Various methods are available to improve this process. Extensions play a very important role in doing so. Certain extensions send you notification when some changes are made by someone in your document. While there are few extensions which make it easy for you to create another document. Here we discuss two such useful extensions that can improve the speed and functionality of Google Docs. These apps increase the efficiency of Google docs.

Watch Doc

You can avail WatchDoc from the web store of Google Chrome. It is available for free. Click on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/okagolgbanbllgndpnacdhohdfacdhfm to know more about Watch Doc. Go to application page and click on ‘Add to Chrome’. This will bring the extension on the screen. You can find it in the upper right corner.

The extension requires your permission to use your account on Google. It will ask for it only once when you begin to use it. As soon as you sign in, this permission notification will appear on its own. Click on ‘grant access’ to give permission.

Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs

Once the installation of your application is complete, it will not ask for the permission again. You must note that the application will only work once you sign into your Google account. In case you are not sure whether you are signed into your Google account or not, click on WatchDoc.

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You will receive a notification from the application in case you are not signed in. It will also provide you a link so that you can sign in.When your document is edited by someone, you will see an alert which will appear at the bottom of your screen. A number will be displayed on the icon.
Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs

Click on the icon. The document in which editing has been done will be shown by the extension. A link will be provided by it which takes you to that document. The time when the editing was done will also be displayed.

Improve The Speed & Functionality Of Google Docs

Docs Quickly

Click on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cejihakmbjnefdijhceabdkkjfnmlgog to install this extension. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’. Google Docs will be easily accessible with this extension.

Once the extension is installed, a small icon for the same will be displayed on the screen. You can check it out in the upper right portion of the screen. Click on it. A menu will be displayed. You can select the type of document that you want to make. It saves lot of time while creating something. If you are given a deadline to create something, this extension is very useful. Which extensions are you using to increase the speed and functionality of Google Docs? Share with us in comments.

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