3 Best Alternatives To The Picnik Photo Editing Tools

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Picnik, a popular online photo-editing service, is soon going to be closed by April 2012. This decision of Google has not been appreciated by the Picnik fans.

Though Picnik will no longer be in use but you can still avail the photo-editing services online by using few alternatives. In this article, we discuss three best alternatives to Picnik.

3 Best Alternatives To The Picnik Photo Editing Tools

Google+ Creative Kit

3 Best Alternatives To The Picnik Photo Editing Tools

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If you are happy with the services of Google, you can choose an alternative to Picnik from Google only. Creative Kit, a tool of Google, incorporates the functionality of Picnik into Google+. Though this feature is in use from few months but many users are still not aware of it. The reason being that Creative Kit is not easily accessible. To use this feature, you need to upload a photo on Google+ and click on it. There is a small button of Creative Kit on the top left of your screen. Click on it.

You can find many Picnik features in this tool except the Frames, Touch-up and advanced categories. To survive in the competition, Google must add these tools in the coming few months. The users can use the photo-editing service via Google+. All your photos on Picnik can be exported to Google+.


3 Best Alternatives To The Picnik Photo Editing Tools

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There are many other alternatives such as Phixer and Fotoflexer. These are similar to Creative Kit but have an unimpressive social network connectivity and interface. However, Pixlr is the best choice to consider for an alternative to Picnik.

It is an excellent online photo editing service and is quite suitable for the advanced users. They will be benefited by its unique functionality and improved features.

Pixlr-o-matic is an editor offered by Pixlr. You can access it online through Facebook, iOS & Android app. Apart from photo editing, it focuses more on adding filters and effects.

Pixlr also offers a social network connectivity. This means that the photos can be opened and edited in Picasa and Facebook.

Aviary (Phoenix or Facebook App)

3 Best Alternatives To The Picnik Photo Editing Tools

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Another alternative to Picnik is Phoenix which comes under the Aviary suite. You do not need to register on Phoenix to use its services. It also does not offer social network connectivity. You only need to load the same and start the editing process. This takes only few seconds.

The interface looks like a standard photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop. It also lacks some excellent photo filtering features of Picnik.

The photos can be opened from the albums by using the Aviary Image Editor and these can be manipulated by using certain common tools. You can apply various effects and add few stickers.

However, Picnik can be connected to Facebook. The photos can be edited and saved with Picnik and can be opened in Aviary Image Editor for any changes.

Sum Up

Out of the three alternatives, Aviary is the best. You can use Creative Kit too but its integration with Google+ is not commendable. Google should add more features to make it worth using. Have you ever used the above mentioned alternatives? Do you know of any other alternative for Picnik? Share with us.

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