3 More Ways To Track Your iPhone & Other iOS Devices

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There are many methods available to track your iPhone and other iOS devices. Find my iPhone is a great app that can be used to check the location of the iPhone.

The users can check when their partners are coming home or check where the person is in case they want to meet him/her. There are many methods that can be used to track your iPhone and other devices. In this article, we talk about three such methods.

In case your iPhone is lost, you can use Find My iPhone. It is the best app to be used in such situations. Your phone can be easily wiped and locked. You can also sound a message and an alarm. It is very successful in getting your iPhone back.

However, it does not play much role when you are using multiple user accounts or devices. You should be able to access the iCloud account of another person from the beginning. But in this app, you can track only a single device by remembering few passwords.

3 More Ways to Track Your iPhone & Other iOS Devices

Find My Friends

Many iPhone users like this app and use it quite often. This app lets you track multiple devices and eventually, the people. There is no need to access the accounts of other users. However, the app suffers from a drawback. Tracking can be easily disabled by the users. Therefore, this app is not suitable when it is required to track the devices of the family members.

3 More Ways To Track Your iPhone & Other iOS Devices

However, the app has many unique features that makes it a better app than the simple Find my iPhone. The following are the features:

  • It offers links to FaceTime and message and helps in finding the location of a friend by giving directions.
  • It can show your friends in a single map and is perfect to organize a meetup.

In case you are concerned about your phone being lost, you need to sign into your iCloud account when you launch.

Life 360

Life 360 is a unique app that comes with many advanced features. It is a perfect solution for family member tracking. This app has an online version too. You can use it on both iPhone and Android devices. This can be a deciding factor. There is no need to create an account on iCloud. However, this app requires you to register yourself with a Life 360 account.

3 More Ways To Track Your iPhone & Other iOS Devices

To make the app permanently enabled, you require location services. But this will take away a lot of battery life. Background tracking can be disabled so that a status update can be extended from a family. The family member can also check if you have reached a destination safely with just a single click.


Sosumi is an open source desktop app that can be used to track various accounts and devices. It is available for free. Your password is remembered by the app. Therefore, the iCloud account has to be authorized by you just once.

3 More Ways To Track Your iPhone & Other iOS Devices

This app does not have any social features such as FaceTime integration. However, a message can be sent with an optional alarm. The devices cannot be locked or shut down. This feature is only available in Find my iPhone.

A unique feature of this app is that it displays some status information for every device such as battery level, charging status and device type.

Sum Up

Find my Friends is a perfect app for tracking the location of the family members whereas the Sosumi app is quite handy. However, Life 360 provides a lot of functionality.

Have you ever used any of the above mentioned apps to track your iPhone or other related devices? Do you find them useful? Do you know of any other such apps? Share with us.

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