4 Great Tetris-Like Games For Your Smartphone (Android)

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Tetris games are easy to play as they are simple, fun and don’t need hi-tech hardware. They have been around for a long time but still remain as popular as ever. We feature four Tetris-like games which are available on Android-enabled smartphones.


Though the official version of Tetris costs $2.99 and is fun but if you want to play Tetris for free then you should try yostris. The thing which stands out in the game is that it is very simple. There aren’t any fancy graphics or any new concepts.

Great Tetris

The game also doesn’t have its own touch input which is unique to it. You just have make lines with the help of blocks which is just like the original game. Yostris is also great for users who have old phones which are slow. The buttons make navigating on small touchscreens quite easy. Then minimum requirement for the game is Android ver 1.5.


Like the yostris, Pling is easy to decipher and play. It is very enjoyable and can be installed on different types of smartphones running Android operating systems. Somehow, it is like the Mario game. Instead of putting up blocks in a line, you have to build up a formation of them. Four adjacent to each other will make you score points. The bigger the formations the more points you will score.

Great Tetris

Then there are blocks which are special and they are similar to wildcards and hence they can be matched to different colours. What it does is that it adds a lot of variety to the game. You get controls on the touchscreen with the help of which you can move the blocks and online scoring system. Pling also needs at least ver 1.5 of Android OS.

Colorix Lite

Colorix, as the name implies, is rich in colors and the quality of the graphics is top notch. The user-interface is just brilliant and the controls on the touch screen are intuitive. Clearly, the people who developed Colorix have burned the midnight oil and have come out with a game which is different from the others featured here.

Great Tetris

You have to make three rows of marbles which are in perfect alignment. In this game, in contrast to tetris, the marbles are in patterns which are set and they can’t be rotated. The order can be changed. Then there are marbles which are special which, after specified turns, go away and can’t be matched. If you have enough practice you can make really crazy combinations.

Though the game is free you can get two paid versions, Colorix and Colorix HD for $2.80 apiece. Mobile phones supporting screen resolution of 480×854 or 400×800 and Android ver 2.0 only can play the HD. The free version can be played on 1.5 version.


Letrix is the result of marriage between tetris and scrabble. This is a fast game where you have to match words. From the top of the screen you will get blocks with letters inscribed on them and then you have to make words using them.

Great Tetris

It is a race against time as you have to quickly come up with words as the blocks keep on getting accumulated. There are different difficulty levels in the game and you can choose the level which best suits your style of play. How you respond to pressure and how cool and calm you remain under stress can be easily tested while you play this game.

This game is available in different languages like English, including US English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French. There is a Pro version for which you have to pay $1.69 and is devoid of any ads but the free version has ads. It needs 1.6 Android or above.


All these Android games are just like tetris and just as fun to play. If you want to play tetris then download the official game. However, you can check the games reviewed here as they give you something different than the game on which they are based.

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