5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

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Though smartphone is a hit in the market but still, there are many users who are not using it. However, people still want to access the apps even if they do not have a smartphone. In case you phone is compatible with J2ME, you can use apps. A non-smartphone owner can access a lot many apps.

Though it is a little difficult to find such apps but they offer a wonderful user experience. The J2ME apps are available at GetJar but these are difficult to access. In this article, we are going to list five excellent J2ME apps for your non-smartphone.

5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

Opera Mini

You might not like the browser that comes with your phone. Though Opera Mini will not convert your phone into a smartphone but the browsing will definitely become simpler. This app is quite useful and easy to download.

5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

Go to m.opera.com and open it on the default browser of your phone. Opera Mini 4 can also be downloaded as JAD or JAR.


In case you want to access Gmail occasionally, try out the Gmail app for J2ME. Your inbox is downloaded locally and the number of minutes used can be minimized. You can access everything in your Gmail account.

5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

This app can be downloaded from Softonic.

Tetris Midlet

Tetris is an excellent app that can be used on a smartphone. Though there are a lot of Tetris clones available for J2ME phones but the best one is Jordan Kiang’s Tetris Midlet. If you are familiar with the GameBoy version, you will understand this app easily.

Google Maps

5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

This app serves as an atlas for the J2ME users. Go to google.com/gmm and download it. A direct download is not offered by Google for your computer.


This app is very useful for time management. It is simple to use and helps you in improving focus. You can make your phone act like a Pomodoro Timer. The timer looks absolutely amazing.

5 Great J2ME Apps For Your Non-Smartphone

Have you ever used any of the above mentioned apps? Do you know of any other J2ME app that can be used for a non-smartphone? Share with us.

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