5 Independent Netlabels Where You Can Download Free Music Albums

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Netlabels distribute music in various audio formats like MP3, WAV, Ogg Forbis etc. These are online record labels that offer free releases under a Creative Commons License. Netlabels have a specialization in genres.

There is a special place for the electronic styles in netlabel community. The reason is that it is very hard to promote and commercialize these music genres. Here we list five netlabels where free music albums can be downloaded. These netlabels include many genres such as metal, punk, electronic, classical and hip-hop.

5 Independent Netlabels Where You Can Download Free Music Albums

Mine All Mine Records

This netlabel covers genres such as electronic, ambient, post-rock and folk. It was founded by John Kruse in 2006. He started releasing his own music.

mine all mine records

After a year, his work was released on Archive.org. In 2008, he started releasing the music of other artists too. This netlabel has published the work of more than 80 artists. They have released their 200th album which includes around 30 artists.


Asiluum specializes in metal, death metal, post metal, black metal, grindcore and industrial genres. This netlabel publishes albums that can be shared under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.


You can also record your music in this netlabel. Check out the album Mad Man Circus by White Walls.

Lepork Records

Lepork Records specializes in punk. It promotes the most popular punk bands across the world. It has published more than 30 albums. Their most popular album known as ‘Last One Standing’ surpassed over 20,000 downloads.

lepork records


This netlabel covers genres such as instrumental and classical. In 2007, it was started by two musicians Igor Balleraeau and Jody Pou in New York.


They began with publishing their music followed by the music of other artists. You can share their music under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Check out the album Solo Viola d’Amore by Garth Knox.

Circle Into Square

It covers many genres such as hip hop, electronic, ambient, folk and pop. It is not purely a netlabel because it releases music on cassette, CD, vinyl etc.

circle into square

It works from Portland, Oregon and has partnered with Fake Four, Inc as an online store. It offers music at a decent price. However, you can download the albums for free. Check out the album Compilation Vol. 2.

Do you know of any other such netlabel where you can download the music albums for free? Share with us.

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