5 Reasons Why I Would Never Switch To Firefox

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Although the popularity of Mozilla Firefox is uncontestable, it is certainly not the one that should dominate the scene when it comes to performance and interface.

There are many other options out there apart from Firefox that one might want to switch over to. In my opinion, Google Chrome is far superior to Firefox on these grounds. Here are some of the shortcomings of Firefox browser that one might want to look into.


reasons never switch to firefox

Although the latest version of Firefox i.e. Firefox 4.0 has evolved from the original version in a great way, it cannot deliver the much-desired flexibility with its tabs. One can easily drag, merge and rearrange the Google Chrome tabs. Also, the latest Australis theme on Firefox with its light colors and curved tabs resembles the Chrome in a lot of ways. It seems the entire Australis interface is a borrowed concept from Chrome.

Memory Usage

never switch to firefox

If you leave the Firefox browser open for one whole night, you would see the next morning that almost about 400MB RAM has been used up. To keep this situation at bay, you would have to close all the tabs and wait for long hours to have them opened again.

Chrome, on the other hand, runs every tab as an individual process. This enables the user to see how much memory a particular process is using and then close that particular tab instead of having to close all the tabs and start all over again. This is possible because of the integrated task manager in Chrome itself.

Start Page

never switch to firefox

The start page of Chrome and that of Firefox differ in many respects and the most worth noticing is the easy-to-use user interface that Chrome offers. Firefox does cover up its deficiencies with add-ons such as Speed Dial but add-ons are not everyone’s cup of tea. Any user of Chrome Dev would say that Chrome outshines Firefox in this respect.


never switch to firefox

Downloading stuffs on Firefox is a nightmare. Every new download opens up in a new window and it does not make searching for downloaded stuffs any easier. And if you forget that you had been downloading something and go on for a shut down, an irritating message pops up that Firefox is downloading but would not tell you what and where. On the other hand, Google Chrome makes life easier.

As a download starts, it shows up in the status bar at the browser’s bottom part. So, if you want to open the file or the specific folder just right click on it and your job is done.

Firefox Is A Borrowed Bag

never switch to firefox

Any new feature on Firefox is already a history for Chrome. The LessChromeHDon Firefox is one such example which is a borrowed concept from Chrome’s Compact Navigation Feature. Firefox followed the footprints of Chrome’s Sync feature in its latest Firefox 4.0 version.

Even the Instant Preview concept on Firefox has been borrowed from Chrome Instant.


So, if Chrome is the original creator of many concepts that Firefox is banking upon today, then why not use the original browser? It seems many Internet users have solved this puzzle and the growing popularity of Google Chrome over the years bears testimony to the same.

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