5 Tips To Use Less Google On Your Android Phone

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At times, you do not want to use just one platform, say Google, for providing all your information. If you are using an Android phone, this process becomes little difficult.

However, there are many methods available using which you can provide less information to the servers of Google. In this article, we list various tips that will lessen the use of Google on the Android phone.

5 Tips To Use Less Google On Your Android Phone


The most important factor to be considered with applications is how these will be purchased. You can buy them by using a credit card on file with Google Wallet. This will make the purchase smooth. Certain services need Paypal or other payment options.

Amazon App Store for Android

5 Tips To Use Less Google On Your Android Phone

It is a very popular app store available in the market. This app can be used for free. The apps in the app store are similar to the apps of Google Play. However, Google applications such as Google+ and Gtalk apps are not accessible.


GetJar do not charge for certain applications. You can check out these applications in ‘Gold’ category. This app does not have many popular applications but still serves the purpose.


There are many email providers available. Therefore, you should select one as per your requirements. The basic feature of email is to send & receive information but Gmail offers many innovative features that enhance the user experience. It is difficult to find an email service that offers the same features. Therefore, you should select services depending upon your need.


5 Tips To Use Less Google On Your Android Phone

A Hotmail, MSN or Live account is an alternative for Google on the Android phone. Emails can be transferred to other folders in case your Live account has an organizational folder system. You can also sync the Hotmail calendar and your contacts with Android.

Yahoo Mail

This email service is ever evolving. It lets you send & receive emails very easily. Emails can also be moved from one folder to another. Another feature of this service is syncing the contacts.


In case you are using an Android calendar, you will find Google Calendar easy to use. But if you are using Hotmail, the calendar can be synced with the Android phone. It is very easy to sync the calendar. You only need to add an appointment in your web account or phone. It will complete the process.


If you are surfing the internet from your Android phone, you would not like to share all your search related information with Google. Therefore, it will be helpful to use any other browser.

Firefox5 Tips To Use Less Google On Your Android Phone

It is an amazing mobile browser. Firefox offers the add-ons of its desktop version in the Android version and provides a comfortable user experience.

Dolphin HD

This browser is packed with many unique features and gives a tough competition to the desktop browsers. Various extensions can be downloaded to customize the browser.


If you are a music fan, you would like to know more about the music options other than Google Music.

Amazon Cloud Player

You can store MP3s and your library on the servers of Amazon. You can easily stream the songs from the Cloud.

Sum up

Though Google is an excellent platform to use but it is certainly not safe to share all your information at a single platform. Are you comfortable with putting all the information at one platform?

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