5 Ways To Get 3D Content For Your New 3DTV

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Do you have a 3DTV? 3D is the new trend that has hit the market. A 3D content is an additional item in your collection. But where can you find the 3D content? Here we discuss 5 ways to get 3D content for your 3DTV.

3D Content for tv

Playstation 3 – 3D Gaming Galore

Xbox focuses only on media center-like capabilities and Kinect. Sony has considered this aspect and adds 3D gaming content in Playstation3 console. Wikipedia has a complete and comprehensive list of 3D-mode enhanced games.

playstation 3

Following are few highlights from the PSN download and Blu-ray disc section:

Wipeout HD
Uncharted 3
Motorstorm (Apocalypse & 3D Rift)
Resistance 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Though there are many more titles available but these are the highly rated ones. The Move sensor of Playstation is not effective if compared to that of the Xbox. However, it functions well in the 3D war. Motorstorm 3D is one of the best 3D content available.

3D movies can be downloaded from PSN Video Store which is an added advantage. Playstation can also be used as a 3D image viewer in case photos are available from a 3D camera.

Broadcast TV

Sky 3D, a 3D TV channel in UK, is available only for the Sky customers. Even Virgin Media is not a good option. US gives more choice. It has more number of cable networks that facilitate 3D. 3net is a 24×7 3D TV channel of DIRECTV. Other channels are ESPN 3-D and m3D. Comcast has two 3D TV channels: ESPN and Xfinity 3D.

broadcast tv

Blu-Ray Movies

The 3D movies listed on Blu-Ray can be played with the help of Playstation 3 and a Blu-Ray player. A complete list is available on http://www.blu-ray.com/3d/. You must remember that the 3D versions of BluRay are sold individually. The version should be checked first.

blu ray movies


The 3D BluRay movies can be found like any other movie with a tag [half-SBS] and [3D-SBS]. SBS, here, indicates side-by-side.


In order to have a 3D 1080p content, you need a 5-15 GB download for every movie. However, this is illegal. If you use such a method, you are solely responsible for the decision.

PC Gaming Rig + Tridef/iz3D Drivers

Many computers have a graphics card that can play the games in 3D. The replacement video drivers are required from iz3D or TriDef, Windows etc. The results depend upon the game. Some suit 3D whereas some display the visual artifacts in 3D.

PC Gaming Rig

Sum Up

The best option out of the list is PlayStation. Apart from offering various gaming options, it is also an amazing BluRay player. Do you know anything more about the 3D content? Share your views.

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