5 Ways To Jazz Up Your Facebook Timeline Cover

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The Facebook users can access the Timeline feature worldwide. Facebook has introduced many new features that are worth using. This article focuses on Timeline cover. With the introduction of the Facebook Timeline, many users have already started using their creativity with this feature. They want to share their images in the most creative way on the Timeline cover.

There are many websites available that help in generating amazing Facebook covers and offer interesting images. In this article, we discuss 5 tips that will add creativity to your Facebook Timeline cover.

Ways To Jazz Up Your Facebook Timeline Cover


With Site Canvas, a collage can be created from your photos that can be used as your Timeline cover. You can select from more than 20 templates. Once you choose a template, the images will be automatically selected. In case you want to replace the photos, click on Remix Photos button.

customize Your Facebook Timeline Cover

Photo Credit: Bloggeri.es/web/socialmedia/best-facebook-timeline-profile-cover-creators/

This will give you another set of images. However, the images cannot be repositioned. You also cannot select them manually. Therefore, it will take some time to get the right combination. Simply click on ‘Make My Cover’ button and the combination will be applied to your profile.

FB Cover Pix

This gallery site comprises of many images and you can use them as your cover. You will receive few prompts from the website to sign in using Facebook but you do not have to do so.

ways to customize Your Facebook Timeline Cover

Photo Credit: Observerzparadise.com/2011/12/social-media/facebook-2/ways-to-customize-cover-image-facebook-timeline/

This is because the images will be downloaded to the computer. These can be uploaded to Facebook later. However, it is essential to log-in when the images are to be added to the collection.

Facebook Profile Covers

You will find many images in Facebook Profile Covers. They can fit into the Timeline cover very easily. There are various categories such as abstract, food, animals, geeks, celebs and many more.

customize facebook profile cover

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The selected image can be set as your cover right from the website. The procedure for doing so is quite lengthy. Firstly, you need to post the image to your Timeline and later, it can be set as your cover. It is important to mention that the photo will have a website watermark.


This service allows you to create your own cover than just adding it to your profile. It can be shared with others too. You can also win some money if your cover image is downloaded the most in a week.

create facebook profile cover

Photo Credit: Observerzparadise.com/2011/12/social-media/facebook-2/ways-to-customize-cover-image-facebook-timeline/

You need to sign in with your Facebook details. There are various covers available. You can choose from them. A collage can also be designed. A photo can also be uploaded from your PC. It can be positioned well and few effects can also be added to the image.

Do it on Your Own

All you need is a nice photo editing program along with few creative skills to create an excellent cover. It can be personalized with the content of your choice. Any kind of text can be added to your image.

create facebook profile cover

Photo Credit: Epicmoron.com/10-of-the-coolest-facebook-timeline-profiles/

You must remember that images with 850×315 pixels can only be used as your cover. Any image, that does not match this specification, will not fit nicely in the cover. Are you using a Timeline cover? Do you know of any tips that can make the Timeline cover look better? Share with us.

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