5 Ways To Make Linux Boot Faster

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If you compare Linux with any other operating systems, you will find that it is quite faster and quicker. Linux does not suffer from any kind of ‘bogging down’ effect which affects Windows in case numerous applications are installed on your system.

In case you are using Linux and want to have more speed, you must be looking for various methods that can increase the speed of the system. To begin with you must focus on increasing the boot speed.

5 Ways To Make Linux Boot Faster

Turn Off The Services

5 Ways To Make Linux Boot Faster

The first and foremost step is to turn off the startup applications and services that are not required. This tip works for every operating system. If the system loads less during the bootup, it will take less time to finish.

You must ensure that you check out the startup applications and if you do not need them at bootup, you can uncheck them. Some kernel drivers and system services can be disabled if you do not need them. In case you are not familiar with the process and are not aware how it should be done, simply keep the drivers and services as they are.

Keep A Check On The Updates

Updates are quite useful and helpful for the users who are not familiar with the functioning of Linux. The Linux distributions update every element of your system along with installed applications including kernel. Therefore, the updates should always be installed. These updates comprises of various changes and optimizations that will reduce the boot time.

The system changes are kept stable throughout the lifetime of the OS by Microsoft. This is facilitated by touching the Window’s kernel as less as possible. However in Linux, many positive changes are added by the world developers.

Select Lightweight Alternatives

5 Ways To Make Linux Boot Faster
In case a service is very essential for your system, you should look for certain lightweight alternatives that can offer you the service required. Therefore, you do not have to disable the service completely and sacrifice its convenience. However, the boot time can be reduced.

There are certain common changes such as shifting the desktop environment to certain lightweight alternatives such as LXDE.

Cleaning The System

5 Ways To Make Linux Boot Faster

It is very important to clean your system regularly. This process can be done by using certain tools like BleachBit, Ubuntu Tweak or command line. These can remove the old cache files, old backup kernels and unneeded packages that will not be required again. This helps in making your system boot faster and makes it more responsive when used regularly.

Upgrade Your Hardware

The hard drives of your system can be upgraded to get a higher RPM rate or SATA data transfer rate. In case your hard drive (that is being booted) is faster, it is most likely that Linux will boot it faster. You can also upgrade the other components of the hardware. It will prove to be quite useful. At times, the speed is limited by the hardware and not the software.

Sum Up

Linux is quite versatile and you can perform any task with it. It has a modular structure that removes the inefficient elements of your system with the efficient ones. The above mentioned tips will increase the speed of your operating system.

Do you know of any other methods that can decrease the boot time of Linux and make it faster? Share with us.

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