5 Ways To Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

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The location-based networks are an effective way of marketing your brand. The marketers are taking advantage of these networks to promote their product. Location-based marketing is now becoming an important element in the product-promotion plan of various companies.

Many smartphone owners use their mobile browser to access various social networks and their number will keep on increasing. In this article, we are discussing five methods using which you can market your brand with location-based networks.

5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

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5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

Push Notification Integration

People forget very easily. That is why they do not access the location-based apps such as SCVNGR or Foursquare. An easy way to use these networks is by integrating push notifications into the app.

5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

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These notifications are used by the marketers to highlight announcements, specials and activities and to promote the business and the app further. You can engage your audience by giving them the power of altering these notifications. This is very helpful in promoting your brand.


You might be familiar with the concept of geofencing. It is a kind of virtual boundary created around a location such as a store. This concept has been incorporated in the location-based networks. An easy way of using geofencing is that a message can be sent to the users who have subscribed to a specific service.

This method can be explained with an example. Starbucks is using geofencing on location-based networks. If you cross the geofence of Starbucks, the location-based app of Starbucks will send you a message highlighting a coupon or an offer to stop by. This idea is similar to that of a push notification. This feature is quite relevant to the users.

Loyalty Programs

Another method of promoting your brand with location-based networks is by identifying the royal customers and rewarding them. This method will retain such customers. The marketing team of Arby used this method on Foursquare. They offered reserved seating to the mayors of Foursquare at 30 restaurants. A 50% discount was also offered on purchases. These ideas give a boost to competition and promote your brand.

Mixed Media

Other media can be incorporated by using various apps such as Foursquare and GetGlue. For example, you can use GetGlue to search and share your favorite song, TV show or book.

5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

You should optimize your content and get associated with such companies to reach more users.

Better Content

Foursquare is the best location-based app available. It is known for offering creativity and innovation to the industry. The company is now focusing more on those features that are liked by the audience. This will make the company more mainstream. For example, the ‘explore’ feature of Foursquare is quite new.

5 Ways to Market Your Brand With Location-Based Networks

It lets the users search for nightlife, food, shops etc. It takes suggestions from your checkin history and other information available about a location. Therefore, if you add content to Foursquare, it will be optimized. The better the content, the better will be your brand promotion.

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