5 Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On

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Wikipedia is always in discussion for its accuracy and credibility. However, it is one of the most popular open source project available. Whenever we need a fast reference, we check it on Wikipedia.

Though one never expects serious games on Wikipedia but there are certain web applications available that can be explored on this knowledge rich encyclopedia.

You can get rid of your boredom by playing the Wikipedia games. They explore your knowledge and offer unlimited fun. In this article, we list five Wikipedia games that are worth playing.

5 Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On


This game was conceptualized in 2006. It is very easy to play and offers a lot of fun. You can call it one of the best knowledge games available. The game involves more of guessing.

wikipedia games

The clues have been taken from the articles on Wikipedia. Depending upon the clues, you have to think about the article and the subject for which these clues are common. The game has a scoring system and if you give wrong answers, your score points will be deducted. You can also play it individually.

Wikipedia Maze

It is a very well-designed game. There are various themes available that are similar to game categories.

5 Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On

This gives you an easy platform to make a choice. Puzzles can also be created on your own. Badges can also be earned for your achievements. It is a fun-filled game that promises to entertain you.


This game is full of guesses and puzzles. It follows very simple rules. You are presented with the starting and ending view of a Wikipedia article. The hyperlinks need to be used to go through all the articles.

 Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On

Your goal is to reach the last article and you can only use some specified count of clicks to do that. The tabs can be used in this game to view the last article or move back. Use the details of your Google account to sign-in. The game follows a point system and its function depends upon the time taken to complete the puzzle. It is a very useful game to test one’s knowledge.


You need to choose a category. The WikiTrivia game will start asking the trivia questions.

Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On

You need to answer all the questions. These answers can be correct or incorrect but this is how the game will be continued.


This game is based on Android and it can be downloaded for free. A Wikipedia article will be displayed by the app. You need to guess what this article is based upon. The puzzle can be solved by taking the help from few clues and a photo from the Wikipedia article.

5 Wikipedia Games You Can Try Your Hand On

Wikipedia is one of the best reference for knowledge games. Though the games are not designed for all the age groups but these can definitely be used to relieve your boredom. Have you ever played the Wikipedia games? Do you find them interesting? Any suggestions for more such games? Share with us.

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