9 Stunning Examples Of The New iPad’s Retina Display

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The new iPad is on the way. It comes with an improved and upgraded screen. The resolution of the tablet has been upgraded to 2048×1536 pixels with a retina display. This is more than even an HDTV.

But is it noticeable? Yes, certainly it is. It offers a sharp type and crisp photos. The artwork looks really amazing. Comparison between a first-generation model and the new iPad is just perfect especially when the displays are looked under a Loupe.

It offers very eye-catchy results. The extra pixels are beneficial for the apps that are not optimized for the resolution of retina. The retina display is a very powerful feature of the new iPad and it makes the iPad give a tough competition to its competitors.

The New iPad’s Retina Display

Apple has set a new standard with the ultra-high-resolution screen of the new iPad. Now the question arises: How much time will the competitors take to match themselves to this standard? Retina display was introduced by iPhone 4. The Android phones took more than one year to come with such a product and they introduced LG Nitro HD.

Tablets can also see the same situation. Apple offers various key features with the iPad. Samsung supplies the retina screen and is a competitor of Apple in the tablet category. Some Galaxy tabs can be seen in the market with a retina display.

As of now, the new iPad does not have any competitor for its retina display. In this article, we talk about nine examples of the retina display of the new iPad.

9 Stunning Examples Of The New iPad’s Retina Display

Art Authority App

The Art Authority app has been upgraded to the resolution of the retina. Artwork shows the retina display of the app really well.

Art Authority App ipad

Apart from giving an excellent detail, one can see the improved color saturation.

Flipboard Logo

The app of Flipboard has been optimized for the retina display of the new iPad.

The New York Times App

If you check out the type of an article of New York Times with a retina-optimized app, you will notice the sharpness of the text. The text becomes more visible and legible.

The New York Times App

Map Details

The Maps app of the iPad has been improved for the retina display. The details and type look sharper at various zoom levels.

Diamond Dash App

The app has been optimized for the retina display and now it is very easy to play for a long time.

Non-Retina App, Google Currents

The current newsreader of Google for the retina display has not been updated yet. However, the type is benefited from the pixels.

Google Currents

Safari App Icon

You can easily see the details because of the retina display. The Great Lakes can be viewed on the map.

Plane Cockpit Photo

You can easily see how the photos are improved with the help of a retina display.

Twitter Avatars

The app of Twitter has also been updated for retina.

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