Adult Content as per Google Adsense

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Google Adsense has become an additional source of income for many bloggers and website owners. A subscriber can make more money by placing targeted google advertisements on their website/blog. However Google has its own policy which contains relevant terms and conditions of usage and is required to be complied with before a person can enroll himself/herself into adsense.

Advertisements are placed in context of relevant content on the website. Google will not allow any advertisement to be placed on any website/blog which contains adult content. Adsense network is considered to be family safe. Objective is to ensure that advertisements are placed only where the content available is suitable for all types of audiences. In light of all this, it becomes important to understand what is meant by adult content here.

Let us see the kind of situations/content which falls under this category of adult content.

a)      Any image or video which contains nudity or sexual activities.

b)      Any image which is obscene, seductive or provocative in nature.

c)      Any text, content (like adult stories) or words that contain material which has mature or sexual references.

d)      Any forum topic or discussion which can contain text, words, image or video which contains sexual content. Also any kind of tips or advice on sexual matters is considered as adult content.

e)      Any content which contains references, text or words relating to adult toys or products.

f)       Any site that contains or promotes sexual fetish content.

g)      An important point to note is that, restrictions are not limited to content on the webpage/website but also extends to any link or reference available on the webpage/website in the form of advertisements or links to external sites containing adult or mature content. So even if there is no explicit content that may appear to be non acceptable as per Google’s standards, a link appearing on the top or bottom which takes the visitor/user to another site which has content that is non acceptable as per Google’s standards can create problems in maintaining the adsense account.

It does not matter whether the content available is of pornographic nature or not, if it falls in any of the categories mentioned above, you will not be able to use adsense. Google follows a simple policy whereby it maintains that any content which a website owner would not himself/herself feel comfortable watching at work or with family members should be completely avoided in order to avail the benefit associated with adsense. Any kind of violation of this policy can result in termination of adsense account.

Possibility of such a content getting available on a website/blog can increase in cases where users/visitors are allowed to upload images/videos on the website/blog. Moreover open discussions on forums can result in possibility of topics on sexual content. So by restricting the kind of content that can be published, a subscriber to adsense can ensure that content meeting the requirements of adsense is published and displayed. Frequent check on forum topics, discussions and content can also prevent situations which may affect adsense account and eligibility.

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