Automatically Send Birthday Wishes To Your Facebook Friends

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Today, social media networking has become the most popular way to communicate and keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Among other websites, Facebook continues to be most well liked social network for status updates and greeting people on special occasions.

Usually we fail to remember birthdays and anniversaries of our near ones. Now, there is no need to maintain diaries or calendars for fear of forgetting such special days. Facebook sends notifications during friend’s birthdays if they are a member of the website and are on your network.

Automatically Send Birthday Wishes to Facebook Friends

You can view your Facebook notifications for birthday reminders of your friends. Edit the Facebook account settings to send you mails when the birthday nears. Despite all such notifications, it is possible to overlook the notifications and forget sending greetings. Do you feel bad when you forget a close friend’s birthday?

Automatically Send Birthday Wishes to Facebook Friends

Now forget such worries and use the automatic birthday scheduler application to send birthday wishes to Facebook friends. This android application allows you to organize and schedule birthday or anniversary greetings for upcoming occasions and automatically sends wishes to Facebook friends from your mobile phone.

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You can be in touch with all friends and family on Facebook social network. However, if you forget their birthdays and special days, all efforts to communicate are wasted. Even if you miss such occasions, the Birthday Scheduler application remembers all such important events. This application shows you the birthdays and other significant dates. Moreover, you can also use it to organize your contact list and customize messages for each event. Hence, you can automatically send birthday greetings to your Facebook friends on time.

Customize Messages on Birthday Scheduler Application

Customize Messages on Birthday Scheduler Application

The custom post and edit option allows users to create personalized greeting messages on Birthday Scheduler app. Use the ABC icons to types your customized message that you want to send your friends. Interestingly, you can also send gift symbols as attachments along with the wishes and messages. Create default wishes and add the time to send the post from the Menu’s preference setting option in this application.

You can also access Facebook profiles of your friends by tapping on the names in your contact list on Birthday Scheduler. You can include and exclude contacts from the friends list for sending congratulations.

There are both paid and free versions of this Birthday Scheduler software. You can send, edit and schedule posts to multiple contacts at the same time. You can also send anonymous or deceptive messages on Facebook to your friends to pull a joke on them. Try this Birthday Scheduler application to send birthday wishes and messages automatically to all Facebook friends.

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