Axe Lets Tablet Users Scribble On Websites

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Looking for a very user-friendly and easy web application that makes you to provide the design feedback on your tablet so that you can get the design of your own choice? If yes, then you need not to worry, as ZURB, a Silicon Valley design firm has launched such application for your tablet, with the name: Axe.

With this web application, you can provide the design feedbacks by simply blacking out the text or highlighting the same. You can also provide your feedback in the form of text notes and can have the design as per the desired requirement. This web application complements to the app Bounce that is a desktop web app from ZURB.

axe tool to scribble on websites

Zurb’s Initiative

ZURB is working very passionately towards making the web design very effective & attractive and hence in this race, it has launched various other web apps also such as Verify & Spur. With Verify, it is easy to compare the various design elements so that you can easily find out the required one. Here, modifications can also be done as desired. Spur comes with some of the principles and rules of the web design.

How Axe Works?

It is a free web app and it is very user-friendly and simple in its usage as it gets started just by shaking or pressing the clear. You just need to go to Axe on tablet browser and then insert any page link. This would lead the page to get captured in the app.

zurb axe tool

Then the page can easily be modified or changes can be done as per the requirement with the help of simple & easy controls and touch options and the design feedback can be provided.

You can also send the pages to all those site admins that have their e-mail address as well as to your friends. The various brush tools are available in black color only, but in the coming future more colors would be added. The option to undo is not available at this moment.

So, what are you waiting for? Just provide your design feedbacks easily & conveniently with Axe and get your dream web designs that too at no cost!

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