Bodhi Linux Is Beautiful & Works On Very Old Computers [Linux]

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Bodhi Linux is amongst the best distros that are available in the market. Bodhi in sanskrit means ‘enlightenment’. It provides an excellent service on processors which have only 300 mhz. Just imagine  it can do wonders on your computer. It is beautiful, light in weight and can become an excellent desktop. It complements very well with the Ubuntu repositories and is upto date. Thus, it has an  exclusive appeal. Bodhi Linux uses Enlightenment as its Desktop Manager. This visual appearance  makes Bodhi more interactive, lively and tangible.

Select Your Look

Bodhi believes in user choice. You can choose your favourite look. It offers you various desktop modes and some themes. Enhance your search a little more and you will get your choice.

You need to choose a profile as per your requirements. Few choices are: a minimalistic or full setup with shelves, choice between a light or dark theme based desktop layout, quick launcher and many more. And the very first step is finished which is choosing the main desktop for Bodhi. It will look something like this based upon the profile selection:

The above layout is the best in case of Enlightenment-based distros. But as it is very user-friendly, you can customize the desktop as per your style.

Using Your Desktop

After choosing the main desktop, you would now love to use this. Next step would be to get hold of the menu to launch applications. Click anywhere on the desktop or simply click the button.

Guess what? It is a start button! The menu is little scattered but you can certainly do a lot with the look and feel. Many older Linux distributions facilitated the consumers to manage the look and feel themselves. Bodhi noticed this as the most favourite aspect of the software and kept the same in Bodhi Linux too.

Installation of the Software

Bodhi gives you the choice to install the software you like. It has limited pre-installed applications and very few hardware requirements. Bodhi has its own repositeries which are accessible through GUI Package manager, apt-get command line. The website also provides you with the best of information.

The website provides single-click installs by using aptURL. One can also avail offline installation packs.

Do you need more than what a website offers you? You can take help from Ubuntu package management tools. One is Synaptic.

Another feature is that apt-get can work from the command line too.

Bodhi loads only those manuals that are required by you. If you do not use Bluetooth on your system, you have a choice to disable the bluetooth manager.

Sum Up

The asset of  Bondhi Linux is its speed. It is very fast and there is no compromise in its look and feel. Its  basic requirements include a 300 Mhz processor, a hard disk space of 1.5 GB and 128 MB RAM. Bodhi works very well even on a low hardware. So what are you waiting for? Download the Bondhi Linux and enjoy its benefits.

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