Enhance Your Google+ Expereince With 15 Helpful Google Chrome Extensions

August 4, 2011 by: 0

Google has many great extensions to offer their users that can provide a different level of experience while using Google+. Let me tell you about 15 extensions that you may like the best.

Google+ Ultimate

This tool is for those people who want to customize the look and feel of Google+. It can change the color, background image and even navigation bars for you.



It allows you to customize the Google+ bar with things that you want. You can keep shortcuts of Google+ features. You can even add the chat in the bar.

Google+ Ultimate

This tool is a set of some great extra added features like image zoom preview, number of new notices in Favicon badge, post actions at bottom view, hiding the features that you don’t use and many others.


If you are a Facebook user too and want to have an eye on it then you can use this tool to view your Facebook’s feeds in Google+ and manage them. However, you cannot manage to comment on other’s posts from this.


Surplus tool

This tool is for those who want to keep an eye on his or her Google+ updates while working on other pages. It will add the notification in Chrome bar and in your desktop too. It comes with a sound notification.

Extended Share for Google Plus

Many people use Twitter, Facebook and many other social networking sites. This tool adds a panel under the posts of your wall with sharing buttons for other networking sites that you have a profile on.

Favorite G+ Stream

This tool is an organizing tool that allows you to decide which circle’s or friend’s posts you want to see when you logged in your account. It will stop your profile from showing all the posts from all the circles.

Move Your Photos

If you are a dedicated Facebook user then you surely have a lot of photos in there. With this tool, you can transfer them to Picasa and then in Google+.

Goo Plus Manager

This tool offers two services. 1) It adds a shortcut menu in your account with shortcuts to different features of Google+. 2) It gives you the chance to use keyboard shortcuts.

G+ Extended

G+ Extended

This is another tool providing keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are different from the other tools. Some of the shortcuts are one-key shortcuts.

Helper for Google+

Helper for Google+

This tool is a real help for Google+ users. With this tool a user can translate posts, post from Twitter account, bookmark posts and do many other great things.

+Comment Toggle

This tool helps you with comments of your posts. If you have too many comments for a post then you can hide them with the tool and show them again when needed.

G+ Count in Title

G+ Count in Title

With this tool you can see your notification counts at the title tab of the document.

Usability Boost for Google Plus

Usability Boost for Google Plus

It changes the colors of different sections of your Google+ account. It adds many CSS rules that can make Google plus more handy.

Native GMail for Google Plus

This tool is still a beta version but it is a very helpful tool for advanced users as well as users who want Gmail to be checked from the Google+ account.

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