Facebook Debuts Smart List, Feature Automatically Groups Friends

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Facebook was born in 2004 and its Friends list feature debuted three years later in 2007. Presently, Facebook has around 140 million or more users. However, only five percent of the users utilize Friends list feature. To make this feature more popular and user friendly, they modified the friends list recently. After the revamp, friend’s list feature now allows content sharing among the friends, Smart Lists, and two new additions called acquaintances and close friends.

If you observe keenly, you may find some resemblance between the new Friends list on Facebook and Google plus friends circles. Facebook is currently testing the new features and will introduce it to its users in a few weeks. Despite the similarity with Google+, users have to create the new friends circles but Facebook automatically creates it on behalf of the users.

It can be a little boring or frustrating to select and drag each name to create a list of friends in a circle on Google plus. This can seem monotonous and time taking for users to organize friends and acquaintance groups. Hence, Facebook is finding ways to auto create the friends lists for the users.

Facebook Smart List Debut Feature That Automatically Group Friends

Smart Lists- Auto generates and updates your friends group using details of your profile information. If you and your friends have common aspects like school, city, workplace and other details, it creates lists accordingly.

Suggestions- This is an interesting feature. Facebook social network using algorithms to decide which friends belong to a particular group in your list.

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Close Friends and Acquaintance Lists

Two new categories in Facebook friend’s lists include close friends and acquaintance groups. If you add a person to close friends group, you will see all their posts and feeds every time they share something on Facebook. However, when you add someone to acquaintance list, you can only see their posts if it is a big news or events.

These are some crucial changes and seem to compete with features on Google plus. Yet, Facebook management is brooding on these changes since long time. It is not a simple task to create automatic friend’s groups. Moreover, this new debut feature of Smart lists reduces clutter on your Facebook page. It will be easy to customize your profile status and sort friends into specific groups.

Smart lists and automatic grouping is a big effort on Facebook’s part to help their users in organizing their contacts and friends on the social network.

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