Facebook Launches Official iPad App

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The growing popularity of both Facebook and the iPad had left no choice but to link them. The result was that everyone was talking and waiting for a dedicated Facebook app for the iPad. After much ado, Facebook finally launched an iPad app together with another mobile app.

facebook for ipad

Rumors have that the launch of the iPad app was more like an insult to Apple. To make up, Facebook’s upcoming mobile versions will be compatible with the iOS and will defer to Apple’s payments system.

Need for iPad App

A dedicated iPad app was the need of the hour because Facebook users could not play the games such as Farmville and others on their iPads.

facebook for ipad

As the Facebook iPad app has been finally launched, Facebook users can play their favorite Facebook games from any iOS device without the need for going online. Also, the iPad app will ensure better user experience. This means the iPad app will spice up the Facebook games that you used to play on other devices earlier.

A major problem with Facebook apps and games was that they were not compatible with either phones or iOS devices. The matter with iOS devices was the missing support for Flash. Although Facebook helped certain developers to create some of their apps’ HTML5 versions so that they easily run on mobile web browsers, no such initiative was taken for iOS devices.

facebook for ipad

Some of the lucky developers are Flixster, Zynga, Audiovroom, EA, Storm8, Branchout, Huffington Post, Gilt Groupe, Moblyng and Wooga. So, Facebook took this initiative to launch apps for mobile phones as well as iPad. But HTML5 cannot meet the demands of complex apps. The solution is to connect the Facebook users with the native apps.

How It Works

After the launch of iPad app, when a friend invites you to play any game, you will first view it on the Facebook iPad app. When you click on ‘Play’ button, you will be redirected to the app.

facebook for ipad

In case, you haven’t installed that particular app on your iPad, you will be redirected to Apple Store from where you can download and install that particular app or game. On the other hand, Android phone users will be redirected to the app’s HTML5 version on web browser.


The iPad app will also enable Facebook users find latest apps as the Facebook iPad app will give them an idea what apps their friends are using. Social media takes mobile app discovery to the next level and makes it thousand times simpler.

facebook for ipad app

The iPad app will display photos and videos in full screen ensuring even more indulging experience. The improved interface will ensure speedier chat. Besides, the Facebook app for iPad will support more gesture controls such as using fingertips to swipe through albums and to scroll through news feeds. Pinch-to-zoom gesture is also enabled in the picture gallery.


Whereas Facebook games could be played for free earlier, users will have to confirm to Apple’s in-app payment with the launch of iPad app. Facebook Credits will no longer be applicable and in-app currencies will have to be purchased by the users through the in-app payment system of Apple.

This practice will definitely discard the inconsistencies involved in Facebook games. However, it has not yet been officially announced whether Facebook will have any share in the in-app payments made.

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