Google Catalog App Made Shopping On the Internet Much Easier

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One of the best ways to shop today is doing it online. This is because it is less time consuming and one gets to browse and buy right from the comfort of home.

An innovative step in this regard is the Google Catalog app especially designed for the iPad that is widely taking over the conventional paper catalogs.

So, all those catalog mails you were receiving earlier will gradually be taken over by Google Catalog apps owing to the fact that it makes the entire process much simpler.

Google Catalog app offers a considerably good collection via the same catalogs that you used to receive through mails. Being relatively new app, the Google Catalog app has not included all the catalogs of all the brands but one will be surprised to see favorite brands like Crate & Barrel.

For easy browsing, the Google Catalog app has been categorized as Women’s Fashion and Women’s Apparel, Kids, Home, Beautyand many more. When you browse through a particular category, you are shown the catalogs designed for that particular month. It also lets you know when the next catalogs for each specific brand will be released.

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To keep a track of your rapid browsing, the app has included page numbers and the bottom bar displays the page progression. An icon at the bottom bar allows you to view either a particular page or all the pages together. Further, every item put up for sale bears along with it a price tag. You can click on that icon bearing the price tag to view the product page that includes detailed description of that particular product, its price and a larger image.

Online buying is also made very simple by Google Catalog app. If you choose the online buying option then you will be headed towards the store website integrated within the app. The app also allows you to view that particular page in Safari. If you wish, you can buy a particular item by visiting a local store as indicated by integrated maps in the app. The maps in the app collect all local stores and highlights which item is available in which of these stores.

Google Catalog app is a bunch of surprises and innovations. The best example is Collage creation. You can easily create collages using various catalogs.

This simply means that you can buy a top from one store and a skirt from some other store but with the help of collage creation feature, you will be able to have a final look at the complete outfit. The app has created collage pages but if you wish you can create your own. When you click on a specific item on the collage, you are directed to the specific store that sells it.

Although the Google Catalog app is a bit deficient in number of catalogs, it offers top class selections. Hopefully, with growing popularity, the app will come up with more of catalogs from the best of the brands. Besides, one feature that the app currently lacks is the ‘Share’ feature which the e-mailed catalogs definitely have. To be able to share your shopping list with your near and dear ones will be a warm welcome.

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