Google Music Launches iPhone Web App

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Google music launches iPhone web app! Google’s Music Beta has a cool yet elegant interface. It allows Google music users to play their songs collection on various Apple devices- iPod, iPhone, iPad and listen to their favorite songs more comfortably. This new iPhone web application comes as a relief to iPhone users who also have an account on Google music.

Google Music iPhone Web Application

Google Music iPhone application allows users to upload around 20,000 songs from their own personal music compilation. Once uploaded, these songs are accessible from any iPhone browser or computer browser free. After uploading the songs to Google’s music beta application, the music is available hands-on at anytime to listen online or offline. There is no hassle of using USB cable, slow file transfer or limited storage. Music beta app for iPhone and other Apple devices even allows users increase their device storage space for using a bigger song collection database.

How to Use Google Music iPhone Web App

You can start in four simple steps to use Google music iPhone web app. The first step is to visit Then request for an invitation, after getting an approval on your email, upload your music and finally download the app. As you use the iPhone safari browser to use this app, it may ask for increasing the storage space. You can approve the request to increase the database storage space.

Then you will be able to view the Google music’s interface with dual header column with artist and album names. iPad may display more columns than the iPhone or iPod.

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You may also try to swipe these columns on the iphone to view the playlists, genres and song names. Google music app for iPhone also enables you to view the album thumbnail, artwork and shuffle. You just have to click on the song’s title to play, repeat, and pause or to listen to the next track.

Google Music iPhone App- Multitasking and Limitations

Does the Google music iPhone app allow multitasking? Yes, it does! You can switch back to browsing on another window or use another app while your favorite song continues to play in the backdrop. This music beta app also allows search option if you have a huge song library.

However, there are some restrictions to this application despite such cool features. You can only use and view the Google music iPhone web app only by invitation. Moreover, you cannot upload songs to Google’s music but only hear to songs uploaded from a computer or laptop. There are restrictions on managing your albums. You cannot remove or delete songs and albums on this Google music app interface. Despite the offline music feature, the music library seems unavailable when your iPhone is on airplane setting.

Despite such limitations, should you continue to request and use this Google music app for your iPhone? If you are a music lover and like to hear songs on the go, it is a good option. Google music app is still in the beta version and there is hope for better capabilities in the actual application. For now, request an invitation to explore Google music app on your iPhone and listen to your favorite songs while you are away from the computer.

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