How To Change The RAM on a Dell Inspiron 1525

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The Inspiron 1525 laptop is designed by Dell to match the pocket of any kind of buyer. That doesn’t mean the quality is low because its equipped with a 2Gb RAM with another extra slot to fit another RAM if needed.

It comes with enough hard disk capacity and the processor is well supportive for the machine. It has an inbuilt DVDRW and it comes with Windows 7. The RAM can be replaced or extra RAM can be added easily if needed.

Turn The Laptop Off

If you need to change a RAM or add a new then first turn off the laptop. Turn off the power of the plug and then open the power cable from the side of the laptop. To change the RAM you have to open the laptop so that you can find the RAM cover. Turn the computer upside down and put it on somewhere safe. The middle of the bed is the safest place to work with it.

Open The Battery

Now you will have to open the battery before opening the other parts of the laptop. You will see a latch in front of the battery, holding it safely. Remove the latch first and then slide the battery, from the battery dock, to the side of your laptop. The battery will come out of the dock. Keep the battery safely. Now turn the computer to the right position again and press the power button of it. This will lower the system board of the laptop so that you can work with it.

Unscrew The Cover To Have An Access To RAM

As the board is down you can find the parts easily once turn the laptop upside down again. Your laptop’s RAM is covered with a lid and you must remove it to find the RAM. You will see a cover with 8 screws attaching it with the laptop. Unscrew them one by one and keep them somewhere safe as the screws are very important. After unscrewing the cover, hold it and pull up. It will be detached from the laptop and it will reveal the RAM.

Take Out RAM

Now you will be able to see the RAM that you need to open. The RAM is attached with the slots with 2 clips holding it from both sides. Hold the 2 clips and pull them gently sidewise and that will open the clips. Once the clips are opened, the RAM will pop up a bit but it will not open entirely on its own. You will have to pull it up slowly to open completely.

Fit In The New RAM

Now you will have to insert the new RAM in the slot. You can even use the other slot if you want to. Fit the RAM on the slot in a way that the slot matches the RAM exactly in the gap. Hold the two upper corners of the RAM and gently push it down. The RAM will fit with the clips closing automatically.

Turn On The Laptop

Now place the cover on the top of the RAM again and then insert the battery in the dock and turn the laptop to the right position. Turn it on and the laptop will automatically start with the new RAM.

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