How To Create Beautiful & Amusing Collages From Your Facebook Albums, Tumblr Or Website

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Do you utilize your free time effectively? Do your surf on the internet but do not find it much interesting? At times, it is a nice idea to play games for refreshing your mind but if the game is boring, you get a dull experience. Therefore, one must look for something that is creative and fun to do. This will keep you engaged for a long time. The best way to do something creative is to do make collages and specifically use Loupe.

It is very enjoyable to use Loupe. It is a free and simple web app using which you can select images from anywhere, any website and even from Facebook albums. These images can be used to make collages. Though you cannot do much with these collages but it is fun while working on them.

creating collages from facebook albums

How to Create A Collage

It is very easy to make a collage by using Loupe. You only need to select a shape in which you want to make a collage along with some pictures. You simple need to launch Loupe. Click on ‘New’.


Select the shape of a collage. Choosing the right shape is very important. It is even more important than choosing the pictures. There are many options for shapes available from which you can select the one you like. The shapes start from Linux, Windows or Apple logos to various words, shapes and animals. A star slider can be used to search between various shapes. There is an arrow on the left side. Simply click on it to view all the shapes. However, the shape can also be changed later on.

Once you select the shape, you can now select the photos. You can search for photos by using Bing search, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter. Loupe has very limited sharing options. Therefore, the collages created will be more for personal entertainment. So random photos can also be used. But to stay safe, one should use his own photos.

If you are using Tumblr, you should give the correct Tumblr address. A search can be conducted in Instagram and Twitter for free. The URL of your website can also be entered and all the images of your website will be pulled for a collage by Loupe. However, Facebook is the best way for getting the images.

You need to grant access to the app for using the images of your Facebook account. Once you do it, you can select any album of your Facebook. You can select images from the albums of the other people  by using ‘Choose photos from:’ dropdown menu.

photos selection

After selecting an album, you need to select the photos that are to be used in your collage. In case you are using two separate albums, simply choose the photos from one album and then add the photos from the second later. There will be less duplicacy in the collage if there are more photos. Now click the photos you do not want to include. Finally, click on ‘Done’.

photos selectedLoupe gives a very satisfying and user-friendly experience. The following animation will be performed by Loupe that is very interesting to use.

The following is the first version of the collage you make.

Editing and Sharing

Now you can do some tweaking. Though there are not many options available but you can certainly play with few. A collage can also be edited. To do so, simply click the ‘Edit’ button. Move the photos around. The original shapes can be created and you can also decide the exact position of a photo.

edit collage

The collage shape can also be changed. Try out various shapes offered by Loupe. Whenever the shape is changed, a cute animation is performed by Loupe. Photos can also be added from various albums or other sources. Simply click on ‘+Photos’ button.

As mentioned above, the sharing options of Loupe are very limited. Your creation can be shared by either saving it to your Facebook album or publishing it on the Facebook wall. A URL can also be used. If the collage is shared by using a URL, it can be edited by someone with whom you have shared it.

You can also open the link on your mobile. It will definitely look good. The screenshots shown in the article focus more on the shape of the collage than the photos. The pictures appear to be quite small. It is useful as you do not have to worry much about the privacy when you share it with your friends.

share collage

It you really like Loupe and want to use its enhanced functionality, check out Shape Collage, its desktop app.

Therefore, next time when you feel bored and want to do something creative, try out Loupe. Do you know of any other such method of spending quality time? Share with us.

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