How To Encrypt Your Gmail & Facebook Messages

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Privacy is the main concern of every user while working on the internet. People need an assurance that their mails and messages are not being read by any other person. Especially when they are sending confidential mails or writing the payment details on websites like Amazon and PayPal.

One solution to keep your mails and messages secure is to encrypt these before sending to people. Encrypting the messages and mails is quite easy.

Here we discuss how you can encrypt your Facebook and Gmail messages.

When you encrypt, encode or encipher a message, it gets converted into a cipher. A cipher is a combination of numerals and figures. You can do the encoding and decoding of a message before sending it across by using a bookmarklet known as protects the data by using AES (Advanced Encrption Standard). The process of encoding and decoding your messages is performed in the browser only.

How to Use

The installation of is pretty quick and it is very easy to use. To begin with, go to the bookmarklet and visit the homepage. In case you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, simply drag the “Encipher It” to the Bookmarks bar.

In case you are working on Internet Explorer, you must be concerned with more security factors. So it is better to switch over to Chrome but can be used on Internet Explorer too. Simply right-click Encipher link. Hit “Add to Favorites’.

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You can now view your Facebook and Gmail messages. Simply write your message and click on the new bookmark. A box will appear as a pop up. This is the box which will ask you for the encryption key. The encryption key is also called the password. The receiver of your message should have this encryption key with him. He can decode the message only by using this key.

As soon as you enter the encryption key, click on ‘Encrypt’. The message will be converted into a cipher. A statement will be shown in the message that shows that the message has been encrypted by The receiver of your message needs to click the bookmark, enter the key which has been used by you and read it.

Sum Up

It is very simple and easy to use The best feature is the installation process. It is not complicated at all. You can also take a look at the ‘Try it’ category.

You choose the encryption key. But how you will send it to your receiver is a concerning factor. Your encryption key is just like a password. You can include symbols, uppercase letters and numbers. Also, you have to inform the receiver about the encryption key as he would require it for decoding the message.

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