How To Fix Facebook Chat So You Can See Who’s Really Online Again

August 8, 2011 by: 0

Facebook launched a new chat interface few weeks back in partnership with Skype, but it failed to impress its fans for its cumbersome features. Those regular in Facebook chat have a tough time in managing a long list of online and offline friends appearing at the right hand side bar. The users are often in a dilemma to select friends for chatting as it is not possible to chat with many at a time. If the user plans to chat with a one or two, messages pour in from many creating lots of inconveniences.

Previously, it was quite easy to detect the online friends in Facebook chat, but the new chat bar displays the online and offline friends in a cluttered manner. It is a real pain to make out which friend is online or offline. Although, Facebook tried to introduce a smarter mode of online chatting, unfortunately it turned out be a futile effort. It is really a frustrating situation for those having hundreds of Facebook contacts and friends.

If the user tends to avoid messages from anybody, he is bound to get caught amid messages from the same unwanted person. If the chat display is more organized, it becomes easier for the user to make out who is online and with whom he can carry on online chat. Scrolling the long list of friends to check their availability not only is a painstaking matter, but also is an utter wastage of time. It may hamper the business of a professional.  Moreover, the new chat interface eats up lots of face and with small monitors it can be really a troublesome affair.

The prime advantage of the old Facebook Chat bar was that it displayed only the online friends instead of the long list and allowed hassle free online chatting. That side chat bar also displayed the friends online few minutes back.

You can fix Facebook chat by the following guidelines and restore the old chat sidebar. It took Tal Ater to change one line of code to fix this chat botheration and released it as add on extensions for web browsers and bookmarklet.

These are applicable in Windows or Mac systems using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers. This involves installing add-ons or extensions in your system, and your problem is solved. Users of OS X and Linux need to install a bookmarklet from this site

If you use Google chrome, then you need to install the extension Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler, which will restore the previous chat sidebar. Download the extension from this link and install it in your system. Restart Google Chrome or refresh the Facebook page to get back the old chat sidebar.

Use the following link to install a similar add-on for your Firefox browser and enjoy chatting in Facebook.

Opera users can also download and install the Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler from . Restart your computer to restore the old Facebook chat.

Facebook may upgrade its chat facilities in the future producing a more user- friendly chat interface. In the mean time, you can install the above mentioned extensions and carry on with your job.

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