How to Hide Posts on a Facebook Fan Page

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In case you handle a fan page on Facebook, you must have dealt with the hefty user posts on the fan page. The fan page is always filled with numerous posts of the fans. This makes the page cluttered. It is quite difficult to check out the posts that are not required and then, delete them. One also does not want to make the fans upset.

Therefore, there must be a way out through which you can hide the posts on a fan page of Facebook.

A new feature has been introduced on Facebook using which the user posts can be reviewed by the admins before these appear publicly. Apart from moderating the spam posts, this feature is quite beneficial to the organizations as they can control their walls effectively and also manage the content on their walls.

How to Hide Posts on a Facebook Fan Page

This feature is also useful for the social media marketers as they require more control over their Facebook fan pages. In case a social media marketer finds an idea or a comment useful or inappropriate, it will not appear on his fan page wall.

Facebook can also moderate which images should appear. The marketers can act like Facebook itself.

But how will the feature handle crowdsourcing? What will happen to the fan pages on Facebook that gain from the ongoing posts of the users? There are certain fan pages on Facebook where each tweet is posted. This generates reactions from the users of Facebook and they post comments. If you moderate such a page, it will ruin its purpose.

You can change the permissions of the fan page on Facebook. You only need to go to ‘Edit Page’. Click on ‘Manage Permissions’. Select “Only show posts by [your page] and friend activity on your page until reviewed by an admin”. This process will hide the posts of the users on your Facebook fan page.

Manage Permissions

This feature will not change any settings in the ‘Friend Activity’ section of your fan page. Only those posts will be affected that are posted on the wall by the users. Try out this new feature if you handle a fan page on Facebook.

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