How to Recognize and Find Unknown Songs Title, Artist and Lyrics

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Often it happens that you come across a song that you like a lot and want to have in your phone, PC, or your iPod, and you memorize it to search it later on. Later on, when you try to search it, you are not able to recall anything, and eventually end up frustrated. The feeling gives you restlessness and doesn’t let you work either. The unanswered question remains in your mind until you find that song.

Find Unknown Songs Title

With advancements in technology and mobiles so powerfully loaded, you can’t miss on anything now. No more you would come across the feeling as explained above. There are applications now for your PC and smartphones which would find you the song you desire.

Not only it would find the song for you, it would also list all the related details of that song, including the artiste, lyrics, album, etc. These softwares “listen” to a small part of the song and identify the spectrum, which helps it to find the song in its database. If this spectrum matches the song in the database, the song gets listed.

Different applications are available to identify the song titles for different operating systems, Windows/Mac, smartphones, and Web. Let us get to know about these a little.

How to Recognize and Find Unknown Songs Title, Artist and Lyrics

Web Apps


LyricRat is quite simple to use. One just needs to write the part of the lyrics of the song, and the rest is done by LyricRat. It finds and also plays the songs from a free web application, directly!


The accuracy for LyricRat is a little doubtful, even with correct spelling inputs. The application is highly useful if you know the exact lyrics’ string of the song, however.


Midomi is a product by makers of SoundHound and uses the same technique to detect and identify the songs. Input query from PC microphone can be identified by Midomi, which, in turn, searches it with help of a web application. Accuracy is pretty high for this application.


Additional information along with song is displayed by Midomi. An excellent application, we would say, to recognize and find unknown song titles, etc.

For Smartphones


Shazam can be said as the best mobile app for your smartphone to identify the songs. It uses an internet connection to work and uses the device’s microphone as input query. Again, Shazam compares the query’s music spectrum with the huge music database and displays the matches on the screen.


Data can be saved. It also gives you the power to find out latest music trends. It is capable of identifying songs that show every week across 20 different nations. Shazam app is available for iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry phones.


SoundHound is a step ahead of Shazam. This free Android app even identifies the song if you hum a tune in its microphone, which also makes it work excellently to identify and recognize songs in live performances. The detection rate and accuracy of SoundHound are higher when compared to Shazam.


Furthermore, SoundHound displays YouTube Video for that song and also lists the songs sung by similar or related artists. Best part, it also identifies songs in German language, but obviously works better on English songs.

For Windows and Mac


After installing this application on your PC, either with Windows or Mac, you can press “Search” button while listening to a song. You can also use keyboard shortcut to Audiggle, which is Ctrl. + Alt. + AAudiggle starts its work and starts recognizing the spectrum of the song that is playing at that particular moment. Audiggle works irrespective of the source of the music; it can be streaming via internet or be playing in the microphone. Audiggle catches signals from analog radio.


As soon as the pattern/spectrum gets identified, the details of the song are exhibited. Recognition, however, can take a little longer, but it is to ensure high accuracy. Although all the songs can be identified via Audiggle, but live performances cannot be recognized as the songs are generally not sung the way they are originally recorded, which in turn, alters their pattern.


Tunatic works in a similar way to Audiggle by identifying and matching spectrum pattern. It, however, sources the input signal from microphone of the personal computer. Tunatic has a gigantic database of songs and searches the query from its database.


Results are tremendous and highly accurate, most of the times. It is also available for Macintosh Operating System. Again, the only drawback is to identify live performances, but that is more due to altering source than a flaw in the software.

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