How To Send Large Files From Your Android

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At times, you need to send a large file. It can be a movie or a file that has been moved to a SD card so that it can be used on the Android device. These large files cannot be sent via an email. Even if you want to send a video on an email, it will not be possible.

Many users have tried sending big files to an Android device through an email. But either they have been unsuccessful or have lost the data. The file is never sent and is only eating the data plan of the sender that leads to slower data and a poor battery life.

However, there are many ways to resolve this issue. In this article, we will discuss how one can send large files from Android by using free applications.

How To Send Large Files From Your Android


You can use this application on the internet. It works fairly well on your Android device too. The application offers a storage of 2GB. Any type of file can be uploaded provided it is not larger than 50MB. This is the file size limit to upload. There are many options available in case the file has to be shared. You can use the options that are available on the phone. Your file can be shared through an email or MMS.

Send Large Files From Your Android

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In case you want to share something more than just a picture or a file, the entire folder can be shared. A cool feature of the app is that you can select if the users can only ‘Read the files’ or ‘Read and Write’ the files in a folder. Both writing and reading is useful for groups. After sharing a folder, an invite will be sent to the recipient through an email so that he can use the folder.

Dropbox for Android

Dropbox for Android is a similar application. It also has a similar upload process when compared to YouSendIt. A Beta feature has been released by the application that increases the storage space on your cloud and uploads the camera videos and pictures automatically. Therefore, the upload step can be skipped in this process. An advantage of using this application is that even if you lose your phone, your videos and pictures will not be lost.

Dropbox for Android

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Another unique feature offered by the application is that you can share the whole folder. The folder can be shared if you make its name visible, press & hold it. This will display a box in a pop up with a share option. Once you select ‘Share’, all the options will be displayed for sharing a file. A link can be sent either by copying or selecting a method. The recipient can download the contents by clicking on the link.

Box for Android

Box for Android is an excellent cloud storage & Android application. It is one of the coolest storage app available. When the Android owners sign in through an Android application, they get a storage space of 50MB. It is very easy to upload the files from Android.

Box for Android

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The upload can be initiated either by searching the file and selecting the Box as a place for uploading a file. The Box can also be opened and the file can be searched to upload. Both the options work fairly well.

Once the uploading of the file is finished, you simply need to select the ‘Share’ option. While sharing a file, a link will be sent to the users using the best option on your phone.

Sum Up

We are really depending upon our Android devices. If you are not using your computer or you are not in your office, you need to use your Android phones for doing the basic tasks and performing the functions of the desktop devices.

You need to be equipped with all the tools before using your mobile. The applications mentioned in the article are quite useful and solve the issue of sending large files. These are very easy to use and increase the work efficiency and performance.

Have you ever used the above mentioned applications to send large files from Android? Do you find them useful? Which other method do you use for this process? Share with us.

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