How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

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Apple has included a Reminders to-do list app in the iOS 5 update. This update comes with a location-aware alert feature which is not known to many users. This feature lets you set up reminder alerts depending upon your geographical location, a specific date or time.

Location-aware reminders are quite useful. In this article, we will explain how location alerts can be set up in iPhone reminders.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

Features of Location Alert

The to-do list apps of the iPhone are quite useful. However, location-aware alerts are included only in OmniFocus and Reminders. Location alert sends you notification reminders depending upon your location.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

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For example, you need to drop a bag of ink cartridges at the Staples store. If you have not fixed a specific date, you can set up a location reminder in the iPhone Reminders. An alert will be sent to you whenever you visit Stables and you can drop the bag of cartridges.

How to Set Up Alerts

Location alerts can be set up depending upon your existing location. However, most of the reminders will be set up at work or home. You must note that the location alerts cannot be set up through Mail or iCal.

Apart from your home, you can use various locations. You can add the addresses of your kid’ schools and the stores you visit regularly to the address book of your iPhone.

A Location Alert Can be Set up by Following the Below-Mentioned Instructions

1.Add the location and name of the places for which you would like to receive location alerts. In case you have done this, go to Step 2.

2.There is a +button for Reminders. Simply tap the button and type the reminder. Once you have typed it, tap the >button followed by ‘Remind Me’.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

3.The next step requires you to enable ‘At Location’. This will display your existing location. Go to your current location and tap on > button. A new location can be added once you tap ‘Choose Address’.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders
4. Tap on ‘Remind Me’. Select for receiving alerts. Simply tap on ‘Done’.


A specific time and date can be set up for the to-do activities. Notes can also be added. The alerts can also be given priorities in case the reminders are occurring simultaneously.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

When a reminder is finished, it can be recycled for some other time. Shift the Reminders list sheet to the right side and check out your list of Reminders. There is a navigation button in the app. You can tap it too.

Limitations of Reminders

Reminders location is quite effective and works fairly well. But in case you have to set up a very important reminder, look for another alternative. The location alerts suffer from technical limitations. Also, if you are passing by a location, it is possible that you do not receive an alert. However, you will receive one when you are staying at a location for a while.

How To Set Up Location Alerts In iPhone Reminders

In some cases, you can get an alert when you are passing by a specified location and you do not require an alert. For example, you drive by the Church many times. If you set up a location alert for the Church, you will keep on getting an alert whenever you cross it.

The OmniFocus iPhone app is shown in the screenshot below. A reminder cannot be set up if you are 200 or 1500 feet away from a particular place. There are certain areas where the geo-location alerts do not work.

Sum Up

Reminders is a basic to-do application which has limited features. However, the location alert feature enhances its functionality and makes it better than the third-party to-do apps.

Have you ever used Reminders? What are your views on the location alerts feature? Share with us.

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