How To Set Up & Use Windows 7 Backup & Restore Feature

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You must keep a backup of the data in your computer because you never know when you need it. People do not keep backups because they find it very convenient to work on the running system and do not feel the need of having one. But keeping a backup of your data holds relevance.

use windows 7 backup and restore feature

Windows 7 has its own Backup and Restore feature which is used as a backup tool. The biggest advantage of Windows7 backup is its convenience. You do not have to install or download any other software. If you are familiar with Windows, you can easily set it up.

Here we discuss the process of installing and using the Backup and Restore feature of Windows 7.
Which Functions are Performed by the Backup & Restore feature of Windows 7?

In this feature, a backup is created for your files. System image can be used to back up program files and system settings. The backups follow a schedule on weekly basis by default. You can turn off the schedule or customize it. When required, this backup can be used to restore the files to new set up of Windows.


Backup medium is required. It should be network drive or external hard drive but can be a partition in the computer or another hard drive. You need a lot of free space which can hold the backup.

How to Install?

Setting up this feature of Windows 7 is an easy process. You only need to follow few steps. The whole process will take just few minutes. Following are the steps:

To launch Backup & Restore feature of Windows 7:

1) Begin with >Start. Go to the search section and type >Backup.

backup and restore

The results will give you the Backup & Restore feature. Select it and press >Enter.

2) A separate window will open for Backup & Restore. The upper right side shows you Set up backup. Click on it.

set up backup

3) Backup tool will be launched by Windows in few minutes.

starting windows backup

4) Once the window loads, the backup destinations will be displayed in a list.Refresh to establish a connection

5) Click on >Refresh to establish a connection with the external hard drive.

looking for backup devices

6) Select the backup destination of your choice in this list and click >Next.

backup destination

7) You can select the data of which you want a back up. Or you can choose the options >Let me choose or >Let Windows choose.

what do you want to backup

In case you have saved some personal data outside your profile, you must use the Let me choose option. Backup settings can be changed whenever you want.

A click on >Next will give you a list of folders, partitions and drives for which you can create a back up. You must note that this feature does not create a back up for system files and program files. In case the backup destination has enough space, include a system image.

what do you want to backup

Finally, revise the settings. Also, the schedule should be managed for your backup.

In case you choose the Let Windows Choose option, the above image will be displayed. Here you can revise the settings and handle the schedule of the backup.

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Set custom time by clicking on >Change Schedule.

manage schedule backup

Confirm schedule by clicking OK. Click on Save settings & run backup. In case you want to stop the backup, go to >View details. Click twice on >Stop backup.

backup and restore

Your backup will now be listed. If you want some modifications in the settings of backup, do it here. If you want to restore the backups, click on >Select another backup to restore files from.

select another backup to restore files

Have you ever tried installing this feature of Windows? What kinds of problems did you face? Share with us in comments.

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