How To Share Files With Your Android Device, Without Wires

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To move files between your computer and your smart device using a cable sounds quite ancient. But if you have a WiFi then there is no need to have a tangible link between the computer and the smart device to do the needful.

All you need is WiFi and the appropriate app and your Android device can be turned into web server, though a small one. With the help of Dooblou Wifi File Explorer that is possible.

Downloading The App

The app is available in two versions for download from the Android market. While one is free, the other, called Pro, costs less than $2. The features on the free version are limited and it cannot download, copy or delete files. So, in this article we will look at Pro.
After the download is complete, switch on WiFi on the device.

This can be accomplished using a widget on the home screen. If you frequent a WiFi hotspot then the smartphone or tablet will automatically tune itself to it. You can manually also tie up the device to the hotspot through the WiFi settings on the device.

After Doing This, Activate The WiFi File Explorer.

When the app starts you will get an URL. Type it in the address bar of the browser to enable the connection with the WiFi file explorer. You can also enter a password which can be used by you or anyone else to connect to URL of file explorer. To get the password, go to settings in menu and fill in a password. You need to type the password in the text box and once that is done click OK.

How To Use Wifi File Explorer

To go to the main screen of file explorer, type WiFi File Explorer’s URL in the address bar of the browser. If you have a password, enter it when you are asked to do so.

The structure of the screen is like any file manager. Now, let’s look at the things which can be accomplished with the help of the WiFi file explorer.

To get to the files which you need you have to get into the directories. To get to do this you need there is a link on the left, which when clicked will open a directory.

A common chore is to upload files to the device. To do this, click “choose file” which is on the bottom of the page.

Click on “open” when you the file you want to upload is located in the window which opened up after you clicked “choose file”. Next, just tap the button marked “upload files”.

Multiple files can’t be uploaded as they are. So, you need to compress them into a zip file and when that has been done upload them. After the uploading task has been accomplished, unzip the file and all the archive should be deleted.

Clicking the “download” link, located to the right of the name of the file, will download the file. To download multiple files click all the checkboxes which are on the side of the files’ names. Click download.

To delete a file or files just select the file/files which need to be deleted and click on the button marked “delete selected”.
If you want to stream the music on your device to the computer, click on the button mentioning “streaming media playlist”. Files with .m3u extension will be downloaded and they can be opened in the media player and played.

Shut It Down

Shutting the WiFi file explorer after you have got over with uploading or downloading is quite simple. With the help of the widget on the home screen of the mobile, turn WiFi off. The WiFi file explorer will shut down on its own when it senses that no connection exists.

Connecting the device to the computer with a USB cable gives you a sense of freedom. It is logical that if you have WiFi around you should have an application like Dooblou Wifi File Explorer to make life very easy for you in the digital age.

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