How To Turn Twitter Into A Gmail Notifier

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You can easily turn Twitter into a Gmail Notifier. Whenever a new email comes in your inbox, you receive notifications for the same through tweets. As twitter can be linked to your mobile number, SMS alerts can be sent to your mobile for any new email messages received on Gmail.

No programming is required in this process and the process takes only few minutes to complete.

How To Turn Twitter Into A Gmail Notifier

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How To Turn Twitter Into A Gmail Notifier

Use Google Docs to Connect Twitter and Gmail

RSS feed of the mailbox of your Gmail account is provided by Gmail. However, there is a problem. In case the RSS feed has to be auto-published to Twitter, the credentials of your Gmail account need to be supplied in a plain text.

You do not need to do this. Your Twitter and Gmail accounts can be linked by using OAuth and Google Apps Script. Therefore, there is no need to share the password with anybody.

How To Turn Twitter Into A Gmail Notifier

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There is a spreadsheet in Google docs using which the Gmail inbox is monitored every five minutes. Whenever a new message appears in your inbox, a tweet is sent by using the Twitter app. Check out the following steps to perform this task:

Step 1: Make a Twitter App for your Gmail

1.  Go to Click on signup. Make an account on  Twitter for Gmail.

2. You need to confirm the email address. Simply open the settings page of Twitter. CheckProtect My Tweets. Also, uncheck Let others find me by my email address‘. It is important so that any twitter user and search engines cannot see your tweets on Gmail even if they only have the message subject.

3. Click on and use your Twitter account to sign-in. Create a Twitter App by using these values. [Name=Gmail; Website=; Description=Gmail Bot; Callback URL=]

4. In case URL fields have any empty space, a warning for an Invalid URL format may be given by Twitter. You need to accept the given terms & conditions and fill the CAPTCHA code. Create your Twitter app by submitting the form.

5. Check out ‘Settings’ tab of the Twitter app. Modify the ‘Access’ mode to ‘Read and Write’ as the tweets have to be published from Google Docs.

6. The settings need to be saved. Go to OAuth Tool to note the Consumer Key and Secret key.

Step 2: Link Twitter and Google Docs

The next step requires you to link Twitter and Google Docs.
1. Go to Tools –> Script Editor. Values of TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET and TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY should be replaced with their actual values.

2. Go to triggers in Resources –> Current Script. Simply create an event with the name ‘sendtweet’. Set a trigger time of five minutes.

3. The trigger needs to be saved. Click on Authorize so that your Gmail inbox can be read by the script automatically at various intervals.

4. Go to Run –> SendTweet. An ‘Authorization Required’ message is displayed from Twitter. Then, click on Authorize –> Authorize App. Tweets can be published to the Twitter Gmail account by Google apps Script.

Step 3: Follow Gmail on Twitter

1. Sign in with your credentials of the old Twitter account. A follow request has to be sent to your Gmail account that is made on twitter.

2. Sign in with your new account on Gmail. Simply accept the ‘follow request’.

3. This completes the process. Tweets can be seen for the new messages as soon as they appear on your Gmail inbox.

Receive SMS Alerts for New Gmail

SMS alerts can also be received on your phone for the new messages that appear in your Gmail inbox. The Twitter profile page has to be opened and the mobile notifications need to be turned on. But for this, your phone number has to be verified with your Twitter account.

Whenever a tweet and a mail is received by your Gmail Inbox, Google Script tracks it by default. In you get a lot of SMS text messages and tweets, you can create a Gmail search filter so that you can get notifications just for the messages.

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