How To Tweak Facebook To Your Liking

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It is known to all that Facebook is one of the most successful and entertaining Social Networking Sites. Have you ever thought what makes it so obsessive? Well, we all like different features of Facebook. Its different color schemes, cool profile layouts, and many more features are just awesome.

Facebook always try to incorporate unique features and that is why we witness regular developments in Facebook.

Many of these features are good while some other features like the news ticker and side chat box simply irritate us (Anyone like them?). These features annoy you sometimes and you obviously hate missing spicy, important news in the feed. Many spam messages can enter your stream easily. But you need not worry as we can tackle these sort of problems! Many browser extensions can help you to tweak the theme of Facebook to your liking.

How To Tweak Facebook To Your Liking  

Face Tweak

Face Tweak is a popular Firefox extension, (Sorry Chrome is not Supported!) that you can try to tweak your Facebook.


Once you install it, you have many options to configure such as allowing automatic login to your Facebook account when you enter the site, enabling bigger image sizes, creating better albums, calendar integration and many more.

face tweak options

You can navigate to Social tab if you want to configure whether to allow automatic confirmation of friendship requests (Which I do not insist you to do at all!), create reply button to comments etc.

facetweak options

Another feature that you are sure to love is that, FaceTweak allows you to choose and apply an exciting theme to your Facebook profile.

Social Fixer

Well, Social Fixer is another free browser extension, supported by Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. (IE Users, Sorry!). Social Fixer is of great help in getting rid of such annoying features. Social Fixer also helps in improving our Facebook homepage.

social fixer

First of all you need to install it and it will make you configure different options.  The most exciting and useful feature of Social Fixer is the idea of marking posts as “Read” which makes you not to have a glance at them anymore.

social fixer

You can also filter the news feed according to the apps that your Facebook buddies incorporate to update their status. Many of us hate the recent changes to Facebook chat. I am sure that you will definitely try Social Fixer after knowing it’s another unique feature.

Yes, it even has a provision to control the chat behaviour! You can simply turn off the sidebar and restore chat list or you can completely hide it.

social fixer

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FB Purity

This extension is supported by Chrome as well as Firefox and is worth trying. The key feature of FB Purity is that it removes those annoying mess of application spams and junk messages. You will never miss the important news from the feed. Unlike the other two Social Fixer and FaceTweak, it does not open before you a number of options to configure.

fb purity

The option window is invisible to you and you are sure to miss it if you fail in making sensible efforts to spot it! After installation, open your Facebook account and hit at the link “FB Purity” that appears at the top of the page. You will be navigated to an option window. Now you can welcome only those apps, messages, notifications and events that are important to you.

fb purity

These three extensions are used worldwide to bring about necessary changes in the theme of Facebook pages. Well, you need to go for the one which suits you the best. If you are a die-hard fan of Google Chrome, you can opt for FB Purity or Social Fixer. If you wish to access to the features like automatic login or if you are a Firefox user, you probably wish to opt for FaceTweak.

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