How To Use Snapheal Photography Software In Mac

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The entry level photographers and the beginners find it difficult to search for a photo editing software especially for Mac. With a specific budget, the choices become very limited.

Therefore, either the photographers have to choose a sub-par software or shell out a lot of money. However, Snapheal makes things simpler. It is a photography application which lets you edit major tasks at a very affordable price. Here we discuss the features of Snapheal.

How To Use Snapheal Photography Software In Mac

Snapheal’s Interface

The software of Snapheal is very simple and user-friendly. You only need few minutes to get used to the controls. On launching Snapheal, it sends a notification to add a picture. It offers three options- import, drag & drop and load a picture.

Snapheal Photography Magic for Mac

There are five modules in the main screen to select from. Erasing is the first module which is also the most important function of Snapheal. There is a stamp and a clone. It helps in smoothening the area after erasing.

Apart from this, it offers basic tools for editing such as rotate, adjust exposures, cropping and retouch. The top area of its interface has importation options, sharing, saving, undoing and much more.

The Heavy Jobs

Snapheal: Photography Magic For Mac

The application functions fairly well and can solve many complicated jobs easily. Even if you erase the image partially, it can still be repaired. Snapheal maintains the quality of the image. It polishes the image very nicely by merging the erased area with the other portion of an image. An area of an image can be erased by following the below mentioned instructions:

1. Paint the area that has to be erased.

Photography Magic For Mac

2. Click on “Erase” Button.

Photography Magic

3. Wait for some time.

Snapheal: Photography Magic For Mac

4. The image is now complete.


Though Snapheal is not really designed for the advanced users but offers various unique options for them. The advanced user may find it difficult to perform certain tasks on software such as iPhoto. Snapheal makes photo editing very easy. You only need to select an area that has to be erased. Click on ‘Erase‘. Snapheal displays certain fun facts while loading. This is an interesting feature.


The biggest drawback of Snapheal is the loading time. After erasing, it takes too much time to load. Even after a minor editing, it takes a lot of loading time. This is very annoying. You will like to read fun facts for few minutes. After a while, it seems like wasting your time. To reduce the loading time, it should erase each item one by one.

At times, you will notice a black hole in your image. It also crashes while importing DSLR images to edit.

Sum Up Snapheal: Photography Magic For Mac

Snapheal is a very useful photography application. You can do major and minor editing very easily. But there is a lot of waiting time and few glitches. However, these drawbacks will be resolved with time by the developers. It is a very economically friendly app. It is appropriate for the basic photographers and can be used for Mac.

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