How To Use Your Android Phone As A Modem; No Rooting Required, Redux

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Until now, you must have come across the articles that tell you how to tether an Android mobile phone to your PC without rooting. However, these articles had revealed about a method that needed an investment of $16 in buying the PDAnet app for tethering.

But now, you can do the same task without investing a single penny; all thanks to the latest Tether release called ClockworkMod, the brainchild of Mr. Koushik Dutta capable of working on the Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. Although the app is available for free and as an ideal substitute for PDAnet, it is in Alpha stage that might result in some minor issues such as downtime. Nevertheless, it is good enough for a satisfactory try!

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem; No Rooting Required, Redux

What are the Prerequisites?

There is nothing much you need for this free tethering. All you need is an Android phone, PC or laptop, an USB sync cable, and Clockwork Mod Tether app.

How to Download and Install Clockwork Mod Tether?

You can download a free copy of this latest tether app from by spotting the right version according to your OS.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem

After downloading the app, you just have to launch it for the installation process during which you will have to allow some system changes; especially on Windows Vista/7 that is very insistent about warnings. When you are on the halfway, a command prompt will come up to take the permission of installing an unsigned driver, which you can approve without worrying.

Finally, when the installation process is over, the app will open up the default browser to load the Tether Drivers page of the app’s official site. This is usually for updating the USB drivers on your phone. If you tend to have the latest ones, simply ignore this page.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem

Otherwise, it is necessary to get the latest drivers of your phone. In case your phone’s manufacturing brand is not present, you can visit And yes, as a sign of caution, uninstall the PDAnet app on your machine before you start tethering with the latest app.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem

This is because the latest tether does not work in the presence of PDAnet.

How to Use Clockwork Mod Tether?

Just run the tether app and you will see nothing is going on. Well, it’s time to use the sync cable of Android for tethering the phone. However, you must also enable the Debug mode by navigating to Settings –> Applications –> Development and tapping USB Debugging. After you do so and connect your phone with the cable to the computer, click the Start button in the tether app’s GUI.

This will pack the Tether Log with the tethering details and that the app will install the appropriate Tether version on the Android automatically. If it doesn’t, you will manually have to install it by finding the right version at \ClockworkMod\Tether\Common on your PC. Alternatively, you can obtain the .apk file at the URL from where you downloaded the tether app for your PC. Finally, both the Tether desktop and Android apps should appear green. That’s it! Your PC can now access the Internet through the Android phone.

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Modem

Note: In case of a problem, restart both the phone and the computer. Further, kill all node.exe and tether.exe instances via Task Manager and restart the app on both the devices.

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