Most Popular Free Blogging Apps for iPad

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Many bloggers and business people agree that buying an iPad is a worthy investment today. At one point, an iPad can replace the need for a smart phone or an iPhone.

If you are an avid blogger, you may be browsing online for various blogging applications that are compatible with your iPad iOS. Generally, if you use an iPad with a display screen of 9.7 inches, it will enable you to accomplish various tasks like blogging, tracking your social network updates, browsing online and writing articles.

In case you have any plans, of buying an iPad, it is advisable to include a data plan or 3G for your device. Since this gadget is highly portable and sleek, you can carry it along wherever you go. Therefore, having a data plan will allow you to blog, surf the web and access social media updates while you are away from the desktop or laptop. Here is a list of blogging apps for iPad users. There are free and paid apps, so, you can choose whichever app suits your blogging needs.

WordPress Free Blogging App for iPad

Who does not love free applications? If you have a WordPress blog on the computer, you may like to download it for your iPad too.

This is a free official application provided by WordPress, which allows you to blog on your portable gadget too. Downloading this application allows you to quickly edit blog posts, check and reply comments, monitor the blog stats and lot more.

Flipboard Free App for iPad

Flipboard is yet another free blogging application for you iPad. Download free and integrate it with all you social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Google and keep an update of the latest trends, news and more.

It has a unique magazine appearance and enhances your reading as well as browsing experience.

Pulse News Reading Free Blogging Apps for iPad

This 7.3-megabyte app is free and available for download on iTunes. You can even use it on other iOS devices. Pulse news reading app has excellent customer reviews too.

Pulse is a cool app that allows you to track trending news topics, integrates with social bookmarking websites and works best as your RSS feed reader.

Evernote and Dropbox

Both these apps need no explanation or introduction. You can create, update and blog about latest images on the iPad, using these two free blogging apps. Dropbox eliminates all worries about additional storage space and allows bloggers to view their documents, videos and photos while traveling.

Likewise, Evernote allows you to surf the web, create voice notes, tags and write a new blog post on the iPad.

Stumble Upon

Social bookmarking websites are indispensable tools for bloggers. Download the free Stumble upon app for your iPad to keep an eye on latest news topics, share your blog posts and market your articles while on the go.

The latest Stumble upon updates has many new features that will attract avid bloggers, who love free apps.

Facebook and Twitter for iPad

Facebook has not yet come up with a mobile app for the iPad. However, you can try a few tweaks on the jail broken gadget. Twitter has paid and free versions of iPad apps.

It allows users to tweet from the iPad on its cool interface. You can also manage multiple Twitter accounts using this app on your iPad.


If you have a team of writers, Skype redefines communication on the iPad. Download their free IM for video and voice calls to communicate with your bloggers, writing team or friends.

Skype is now an official IM for professional and freelance writers or bloggers.

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Google for iPad

Google is not very far from your portable gadget too. Now you can access your Google+ account on the iPad if you have a 3G or a data plan. You can market your blog, promote articles and comment on other blogs using this free app.

This was our list of most popular free blogging application for an iPad. You may find many more paid and free apps online. If you recently bought an iPad, look at these apps mentioned here and enrich your blogging experience on the iPad.

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