Stop Tapping & Start Talking: Voice Control Your iPhone

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There are certain voice-to-text apps available in the market with the help of which you can browse on the internet without using a keyboard. Vlingo, an iPhone voice application, enables you to voice Facebook and Twitter messages and search on Google.

There are certain built-in features in iPhone for controlling the voice that save you from typing keystrokes. The users can expect more such features on voice technology in iPhone in the coming time.

Here We Discuss The Voice Control Function Of The Powerful iPhone

Making Calls On Phone

The unique feature of voice command in iPhone is that you can make calls to the contacts listed in the Address Book. This is useful when you are driving and have to make a call urgently or when you are busy and do not have the time to fiddle with your keyboard.

Stop Tapping & Start Talking: Voice Control Your iPhone

To make calls by using voice command, press home button and hold it for a while. The Voice Control screen is displayed in blue color. You will hear a beep for a short while.

Voice Control Function Of The Powerful iPhone

Voice out “Call/”dial”[contacts name]”. The iPhone will confirm your command by sending you a verification. In case there are multiple numbers of your contact, the primary number will be dialed by the iPhone by default.

The iPhone can give you better results when you give the details of the specific number to be dialed. If you voice out ‘Call Apple Computer > Tech Support‘, a call will be made by the iPhone on the given number.

Voice Control Your iPhone

To dial the personal mobile number or the workplace number, say ‘Call (name of the contact)>mobile or work’.


There can be contacts in your address book whose names are uncommon and hard to pronounce. A nickname can be given to them which can be used to make calls through voice commands. Launch the application. Choose a contact to give it a nickname.

Voice Control Function l iPhone

Hit ‘edit’ and choose ‘add field’. Choose a ‘nickname’ in another window. Type a nickname. Whenever you have to make a call to this contact, use this nickname.

Multiple Matches

It can be possible that there are various contacts in your address book with the same name. In such a case, iPhone will display ‘multiple matches found’. Now you can select a contact to make a call.


There is no ambient noise while making a voice command call.

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Music Commands

The features of voice control in the iPhone offer something more than just making the calls. The iPod application can be accessed on your phone by using this feature. Music commands can be given from the app by pressing home key and holding it for a while.

iPhone Voice Control Function

But to give these commands, you must know the artist’s name, the song, title and album that you wish to hear.

Following Are Some Music Commands:

‘Play Playlist’
‘Play/Play music’
‘Play album’ plus name of the artist
‘What’s playing?’
‘Pause music’

Apple can include more voice commands in iPhone, for example, commands for switching apps, launching apps, volume control and activating Bluetooth. Have you ever used commands for voice control on the iPhone? Share your experience in comments.

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