The 3 Best Places To Find Free Historical Maps Online

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Internet is an information hub. You can do a lot of research on the internet. However, if you want to search some data from the past few years, it is not the perfect option to do so.

Many locations do not host the data of historical maps. The only option you can choose is to visit a library nearby and search their stacks. But you can avoid this time consuming process.

There are many online resources available that offer a nice collection of historical maps. If you are an amateur researcher, you will find these resources very helpful.

The 3 Best Places To Find Free Historical Maps Online

Old Maps Online

This website has been recently designed. If you want to search for any information related to maps, check out this website. It combines map data with an excellent technology and offers brilliant results.

Old Maps Online

The data is collected from various online sources like the Moravian Library, A Vision of Britain through Time, David Rumsey Map Collection and many more. Its user interface has been designed by Klokan Technolgies, which specializes in providing geographic information.

The website provides a map with extensive details. This map covers various historical maps. There are many locations that have over 20 maps associated with them.

You can also use the chronological filter that is positioned at the top of the map. You can easily search for maps from a particular era.In case you want to do a basic research on historical maps, you must try out this website.


Though Flickr has a broader scope but you can also use it to locate historical maps. You can find digital maps in the form of image files. You can also check out an ‘Old Maps’ group on Flickr.

Old Maps' group on Flickr

Flicker is not a very popular tool for searching old maps but it serves the purpose. However, this resource is quite useful for people who are searching for historical maps as it offers high-quality shots. Few of them look very aesthetic and can be used as a wallpaper.

Old Maps group has more than 1600 images.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

It is a catalog of maps that is converted to digital files. This resource does not offer a global map where you can shift between various regions. You need to read some text in order to search for some information. It also has a smaller map collection as compared to Old Maps Online.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

The scanning of the maps is done at a high quality. Many maps provide additional information like appendixes etc. This feature is not available at Old Maps Online. As the maps are available as basic image files, so the mobile devices and computers will not have any problem in loading them.

The website also offers an extensive list of various historical map sites. These websites are available in many languages. Many of them only contains few pages that show map images.

Sum Up

There are many resources that provide information on historical maps. But most of these resources are not available for free. Their focus is not on providing data but selling the prints. The paid websites also do not offer maps in a high-resolution version without charging.

Do you know of any other resource that offers historical maps for free? Share with us.

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