Top 10 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

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Ever wondered how to have a splendid time with your iPhone? There are a number of amazing apps available in the App Store, but here is a list, which will help you settle down and play your nerves out. To note further, here are some of the most amazing iPhone puzzle games options to choose from.

Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games


This game is inspired from the traditional Sudoku. This game, like Sudoku, is a number trick game. The numbers from 1 to 7 should be filled only once in the blocks put together both horizontally as well as vertically.

Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

However, this game consists of seven grids of distinct colors- each grid, having 7 blocks. One has to fill these grids with digits from 1 to 7, without repeating any digit. Remember, the clock is ticking, so make quick moves.

Poly Tower

Poly Tower is a challenging game, with simple rules. Objects will fall randomly from the top of the screen, and one has to build a tower. The taller the tower, better would be your score.

Top 10 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

The exciting part here is that the objects fall randomly, which are not only in shale but also in properties. If the object is dark blue it means that the object is smooth but if the object is dark red it means the object is bouncy.

Scribblenauts Remix

This puzzle game is different as compared to other games. Unlike other puzzle games, this game demands imagination. Better the imagination, better would be the performance.

best iPhone Puzzle Games

One can imagine anything that he/ she thinks would be useful to cope up and come out of a situation. Each level in this game has a goal that is to be achieved by the player by summoning to different items of requirement by typing. As the stages increase, the level of creativity is also expected to rise.

Triple Town

This is one puzzle game, which is devilishly addictive. Playing this game, the players have to place objects like trees, bushes and grass in a given grid, which measures 6×6.

 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

It definitely sounds simple, but the structure of the game requires you to level up regularly to earn points. What makes it difficult, is that the game is very sensitive. One mistake from your end can put you in a mess.


This game requires a lot of brain work and attention. The game consists of objects falling from the top of the screen with some number written on it.

 iPhone Puzzle Games

This number indicates the number of other objects that should be adjacent to it horizontally as well as vertically on the gaming field. Any piece, wrongly placed will have its presence on the gaming field till the end of the game, leading the player one step closer to the exit!

Match Panic

This is a unique game, wherein one has to match the animals that appear to one of the two sides correctly.

Best iPhone Puzzle Games

Sounds simple, but it isn’t! As the game progresses, one would find multiple animals on each side. The clock will keep ticking to you need to be quick!

Puzzle juice

This is a multitasking game making it different from the other games. In this game forming straight lines or matching same color blocks does not makes the blocks vanish but uncovers the letters behind the blocks.

Top 10 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

The player is required to form meaningful words from the adjacent letters.


Those familiar with ‘match-3′, will find this puzzle an advanced version of the same. The player drags down an orb from the gaming field and then re-launches the same orb back into the gaming field aiming such that three orbs match-up with the launched orb.

Puzzle Games

With time the pace of the game increases bringing in more orbs crowding the gaming field, making it difficult to aim at the desired orb.

Bejewelled blitz

This is a time-based game requiring ample concentration, finger speed and good memory. The game is simple but is exciting getting the player glued to it.

Top 10 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

The game board will consist gems of different shape. The aim of the game is to match gems of the same shape as fast as possible.


It is an addictive game which tests the player’s mind from a three sided pattern. There are three modes of this game- visual, game and creeper.

Puzzle Games

The first mode is the visual mode, the second mode is the brain mode and the third and final mode is the creeper.


This fun filled game is for youngsters, as well as for old aged people, who wish to keep their minds sharp. The game begins by showing 10 digits in a random order. After display these digits disappear.

Top 10 Amazing iPhone Puzzle Games

The player is required to repeat the digits shown. At least 7 correct digits out of 10 need to be mentioned for progressing to the next level. With each increasing level one digit to be displayed would be increased. Having noted the above games, hope you will have a happy puzzling time ahead.

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